Kim G, “Teresa Deserves To Go To Jail.”

Ever watch Andy Cohen’s WWHL? You know the drinking game where he plays the, “HOW ARE YOU” in the annoying voice of wannabe housewife of New Jersey Kim G. Well she’s out for some more attention, attacking Teresa and Joe Giuidce again.

Everyone remembers Kim Granatell as Chris Manzo’s BFF’s mom, or from her granny-panty display on the stripper pole with ex-housewife Danielle Staub. We all know she likes to stir up the drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and is DESPERATE to be on the show, or at least get some air time. But her latest ploy? Taking shots at Teresa as she spoke with RadarOnline. We all know T’s husband, Joe Giudice fraudulently obtained a driver’s license and faces jail time. Here’s what the desperate Jersey woman said about the Giudice’s:

What goes around comes around and it’s all catching up to him,” Kim says regarding Joe Giudice, “I hope the judge throws the book at him.“Teresa is as guilty as he is, and just as dumb, maybe Teresa should join him in prison and they can have his and hers bunks so that they can do a spinoff show called The Real Inmates Of New Jersey.”

Wow a little harsh granny Kim? What do you think? Does Teresa deserve to go to jail?

Photo Credit: RadarOnline


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2 comments on “Kim G, “Teresa Deserves To Go To Jail.”

  1. I am in my late 60’s and must have led a sheltered life. Never in my life have I ever met women like the Housewife franchises – all of them. They are selfish self centered, obnoxious and cruel. God help them all!!!!

  2. Kim’s yap trap runneth over! She’s STILL trying to get TV time and nobody’s picking her up and now she’s going for the tabloids. Be happy Kim and do yourself a favor and sit back down on your couch and finish your “sandwich”.

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