Kim G Says Teresa And Joe Giudice Deserve To Be Behind Bars


Teresa and Joe Giudice pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud, and now Teresa’s former nemesis Kim Granatell is telling RadarOnline she hopes the Bravo stars go to jail “because they deserve it.” Kim says, “They had to [take a plea deal] because they had so many counts against them and what’s the chances of them both going away for a long time, so they were very smart in doing that. [But] hopefully they are still going to get time because they deserve it!”

Granatell says if Joe were to get sent away and Teresa left on the outside, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star would face a shocking reality. “Maybe she will start to live the straight and narrow,” Kim said. “Maybe she will start to live the way everybody else lives, the way people work hard to get what they get and not to have to stand and con to be something you’re not.”

“She should spend her time doing restitution and volunteering,” she said. “All of this we’re remorseful? We’re remorseful because we’re going down, that’s why. What about the other people they’ve scammed all along? They didn’t pay this guy and that guy and put people out of business. What about that?”

“I have a feeling that she had to know what he was doing,” she said. “As a husband and wife team, you can’t be that dumb.”

Kim says Teresa won’t be able to function without Joe “because I have a feeling that he’s controlling and I have a feeling that she just went along with it. She wanted that lifestyle but she didn’t want to work hard for it. They did it together. They conned and spent. You want to play, you better pay.”

Kim says the Giudices cold reality is now destroying Teresa. “You don’t think it’s emotionally destroying her? Look at her,” Granatell said. “Take a good look at her. That alone tells you that she’s really been emotional, like, ‘Look at my life. Look at what I did.’”

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4 Replies to “Kim G Says Teresa And Joe Giudice Deserve To Be Behind Bars”

  1. Well said Kim G.. All those thousands of dollars stolen from businesses because they couldn’t be honest and make a living the right way. There are so many people who are struggling to make ends meet, to feed their families and you don’t see them throwing their freedom away on scams. If I had the money to open a store I would be real happy. Instead I can only do online for now. One day it will happen for me, but for now I can only sit and wish. If you love your family like you say you do, then you would have stopped what you were doing. You allowed greed to consume you and let all else go.

  2. kim g,you are so jealous, that you aren’t on housewives anymore. we saw how sneaky you were between jacko and danielle. then at the fashion show, when wacko was texing you like crazy, also caroline and lauren were in on that too. you made a fool out of yourself,when you tried to pole dance, thats when you were nick named granny pants.then at melissa’s christmas party,you brought monica,wanting to hurt teresa. thats when we turned against you. now we don’t have to hear you say helllo again

  3. I think Kim G. is bucking for a permanent spot on the show. I hope that she doesn’t get it. And look at that pic…what are those? Pop beads?

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