Kim Fields

Season 8

“Faith, family and career — those are the facts of my life.”

Birthday: May 12th, 1969
Sign: Taurus

Kim Fields currently lives in Atlanta with her husband, Christopher Morgan, and their 8-year-old and 20-month-old sons. A pop culture icon and veteran actress/director, Kim became a household name after starring in several hit sitcoms including Facts of Life and Living Single. Although Kim may be new to the reality television world, she is no stranger to being in the global spotlight.

Kim continues to lead a busy Hollywood life by regularly appearing in film, television, and theatre productions. When she’s not in front of the camera, directing and producing projects, or speaking and motivating audiences, Kim is constantly working to grow her brand. Between creating the holiday entertainment brand Holiday Love, directing well-known shows including Kenan & Kel, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and Meet the Browns, and launching her own entertainment networks, she is a woman of many talents. Approaching her 40th year in entertainment, Kim strives to maintain the perfect work/life balance. Although Kim continues to juggle her demanding career and multiple business ventures, she always keeps her faith and family a top priority.

  • Sally☕️

    Am I cracking up? Or is is the wrong story?

  • Jane Bond

    Then we’re both in the same loony bin Bonnie Sally❣

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  • starr

    Kenya is fake. Kim is real. Story ends.

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      Concise and true!