Kim Fields On What Was Really Going Through Her Head About Kenya Moore at the RHOA Reunion


Kim Fields is dishing on her first reunion experience in a new interview with Bravo. Fields says there was absolutely no shade coming from Andy Cohen and says what was really going through her mind when she called out Kenya Moore. How were you feeling going into your first reunion?
Kim Fields: Beautiful, supported, and confident! So grateful my glam squad did such a wonderful job — thank you Victoria, Erica, Jaz, and Kevin! The support my family and I have received all season from the fans on social media, in person, etc. has just been amazing. In addition, our personal “village” has been fantastic holding us up with love, light, and laughs. That beauty and support reinforced a marvelous confidence. @SashaFarber recently told me, “Confidence breeds power; power is contagious.” I love that; I felt that. Do you think Andy Cohen was throwing shade when he said, “I’m not Kim Fields”?
KF: (In my best Cynthia voice): Child, please… No shade, all jokes and love from @andy. What was going through your mind when you told Kenya to “say something”?
KF: Home Training 101; Communication 101; Respect 101: If you want to be heard, LISTEN. If you don’t like being interrupted, shut the f— up. I wished “Luther the Anger Translator” was available.

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5 Replies to “Kim Fields On What Was Really Going Through Her Head About Kenya Moore at the RHOA Reunion”

  1. Kim is the only reason I started watching again. Now that she is leaving I will scratch ATLANTA off my DVR list as I cannot stand watching that heartless witch Kenya any longer. Boooo

  2. I have to admit, I don’t care for Kim. I find her judgmental and self-centered. I also don’t think she really knew what she was getting herself into when she signed on to do the show. She is clearly trying to revamp her career, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. At all. But this show was perhaps not the best fit for her, as most of us agree. As far as the reunion goes, who the hell was that?! Kim was not acting like she had acted on the show. Had she been as strong in the show, she may have had an easier time both on the show and in the reviews. I still do not want to see her back next season. I can only watch so much crying and whining when she misses her husband and I don’t want to watch her babysit her children for one more moment.

  3. Kim is a lady & honestly does not belong with this group of women. Kenya is a black hearted, very jealous woman & needs psychiatric help badly. The low classed way she’s dealt with Kim shows just how nasty a spirit she has. She’s anything but gone with the wind fabulous as she alone thinks she is.

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