Kim Fields Explains Why She Got Emotional in Miami


The Georgia peaches headed their way over to Miami for a fun-filled weekend and while everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves with some shade and tea we saw newcomer Kim Fields get emotional. Kim who is not much of a drinker, married and a mother of two started crying when the ladies were out a bar, saying that she missed her husband and wished that they were together. In an interview with Bravo, she explained her reasons for doing so. Why did you settle on sleeping in the living room rather than a bedroom?

Kim Fields: Oh, I didn’t “settle”! The bedrooms with water views got snagged; when I discovered the living room and it had everything I needed (especially water views), I was good! That joint had two other fab living rooms, no one saw or missed mine! Why did you decide to call out the distinction between information and instigation?

KF: I’m not a “call out” type of woman. It was an observation of the way things were going down at dinner. What lead to your breakdown with Phaedra?

KF: Honestly that was so not me. And again with the friggin’ emotion! What the what? Listen, that waterfront spot was the jump off for a grown and sexy good time and I was feeling it, I just wanted to really enjoy it with my husband. It’s truly that simple for me. There came a point in my life when I didn’t think I would be blessed with a husband (and children). It wasn’t about missing my family or the kids. I wanted to be with my man, period. While I’m not crazy about shedding a few tears over it, I am grateful for the lesson I got out of it, working through it with Phaedra, and getting to the other side of it. Watch what happens the next time I’m in a grown and sexy waterfront joint and I’m solo…LOL!

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6 Replies to “Kim Fields Explains Why She Got Emotional in Miami”

  1. I like Kim…she is bringing back to Atlanta what I love about the Housewives. She shares what she is genuinely feeling. She is a wife and mother, and has lost herself in the day to day routine of caring for her family. She is struggling to find some balance in her life. I can relate to that. What I can’t relate to is a gaggle of divas, dressing and dancing like sluts, picking up strays, and drunk walking back to a rented house to fight over some gangster nobody should want to be associated with.
    I hope she stays, more like her join, and they turn this sh*tshow around.

  2. I completely understand the reasons why she wanted to test out this scenario in reality tv and girlfriends outside of her tv cast years, but this is the wrong group for someone with her sense of family and priorities. It’s a terrible fit and I feel like I want to take 30 showers for her every time she has group activities with this bunch.

  3. She’s awful on the show and hopefully won’t be asked back next year.

    She doesn’t make an interesting cast member and crying about missing your husband after less than 24 hours is awful. Like you have some serious psychological issues.

    She brought a book to a day trip and choose to sleep on a sofa for no reason, when there was a bedroom for her. She’s nuts, but not the interesting kind of crazy.

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