Kim Fields Dishes On Her Beatless Brunch


Kim Fields is dishing on the drama at her beatless brunch in a new interview with Bravo. Fields insists coming makeup free was a theme and not a requirement and that she was just happy all of the women showed up to her brunch. What went through your mind when most of the women didn’t come beatless to the brunch?
Kim Fields:
First of all, I was happy they all showed up. When you do something different, you really don’t know what to expect. Second, “beatless” was a theme, not a mandatory requirement. It’s not like I said, “No make up, no waffles.” LOL! When you’re hosting a get-together, the only things that runs through your mind is ensuring your guests have a good time. Were you surprised Kenya took offense to your beatless brunch?
People will take things how they want to; you can only make your intentions and motivation clear. Did it bother you at all that Cynthia was pushing for you to work together with Kenya?
No. Cynthia is creative and (as she mentioned) appreciates the work and Kenya and I have done individually. A potential client made a request in a pitch meeting. That’s a part of the process.

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  1. The same thing irks and interests me in kim fields and that’s the fact that she doesn’t fit in on this show. I like the shake up in flow, but the fact that she behaves like she has this over sense of gratitude and is nothing without being a mother is kinda depressing. It’s as if she thought it would never happen to her and now it has, she doesn’t want to scare it away.
    As far as the party, I liked the theme. I feel like in this group of women they use their make up and hair as armor against each other. From the hair flips to the out right name calling, it would be interesting to see them a bit more modest and laid back together. It’d be refreshing. In my opinion, kenya had a bone to pick with Kim either way. It was bound to happen and she was looking for an opportunity. For her to complain about someone dictating how they look when she chose everyone’s costume for her birthday part and threw a fit when Porsha wasn’t feeling it is outright comical.
    Kim is annoying, but I love seeing her really get under kenya skin.

    1. I agree actually liked the brunch idea. Again, God forbid that any of these women try to be vulnerable and go a little deeper within themselves in a group setting. The way Kenya reacted, you would have thought she was asked to show up butt-naked….which, by the way, we have seen on the show that she clearly has no problem sauntering around in a bikini, or mocking Phaedra in a public setting with strangers (and not the intimacy of someone’s home) in a thong and net dress. I would have had a lot more respect for Kenya if she just simply admitted that “I have skin issues that have been publicly documented for the last 20 years, and due to the nature of the show and the potential for public backlash, I don’t feel comfortable with revealing my natural face”….her bad skin is not a secret in the black community, she should have just kept things 100% honest instead of flipping the script on Kim when the basis of this is really about her own insecurity. Kenya was carrying on like she was in the Celebrity Apprentice Boardroom trying not to get fired.

      1. I remember when Kenya hosted a party and tried to tell the guests how to dress….she was irate at those who did not comply.

      2. OMG, she was disgusting on Caleb apprentice. Sneaky, deceitful, self-agrandizing, loud, obnoxious, the usual from her. She must have referenced her title with ??? some title she holds, like 15 times in the board room.
        She is just plain ugly inside to the outside. Beauty might be skin deep, but her kind of ugly is to the bone. The way she treated the lovely Vivika Fox, who actually has a career, who has done a lot in her life was just despicable. Vivika didn’t win some obnoxious title and rest on it for 20 years. The entire phone incident was so transparent. It was so obvious when she asked Viv to look at something on her phone. A thief and a liar. I couldn’t care less how she was raised in that scenario. I mean if Bethenny had done anything like that in her Martha Stewart Apprentice I would say the same thing. Kim might not fit the show but the brunch was just a fun innocent thing. She assigns her own motivating factors in life to others, because her motive wouldn’t have been innocent.

    2. Have you ever known anyone who has struggled for years to have children, suffered miscarriages and loss of a baby you were trying for but never got pregnant with month after month? It completely changes how you feel about your life when you finally do get pregnant with, stay pregnant with and eventually birth the child you have prayed for, cried over, worried over losing for a whole 9 months and finally giving birth to the most important thing in your life? It truly changes how you treat yourself as a mom. I have two very good friends who not only struggles getting pregnant but one gave up trying and decided to adopt twins to get pregnant surprisingly after she brought the boys home. Both of these friends are this way about being a mom. I didn’t struggle but I did the same thing when my kiddos were little. Many moms do, many of us know the kids won’t be little for long so that becomes our life until our kids get so much bigger. I don’t think focusing her primary attention on her children should be a negative, it may be different from how you do things but your way isn’t negative either. It’s how we all choose to do things differently as parents and how we handle our situations differently.

      1. I have known exactly what that is. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that at all. I question her being on the show is all. This isn’t a show that is about child rearing. Certainly being “Housewives” it will focus on the kids at times, but it isn’t primarily what the show is. And she had the benefit of being able to watch for a decade, unlike the originals who made the shows what they are today. That scenario would be wonderful in a different setting. I think bringing a toddler to an event like that is odd. I totally get that he is a baby. But when heritage is the word of the day, it seems to me it would have been more enterprising parenting if she would have shown her older son what it was all about. Sometimes our children need us to themselves and she obviously knew her toddler would get tired, as he is too young to appreciate what the day was. It isn’t neglectful to leave them with a babysitter, certainly a family member or friend, when they are too young to enjoy it. And then her older child could have learned the important message. Both kids and herself missed out on something so deeply important because of her choice.

  2. Live and let live is my theme and while I respect Kim’s idea for the party, I’m not sure that many people would comply who are on television as it can be too revealing. Kenya’s overt hostility towards Kim is unwarranted. Kenya should seek counseling because she has quite a few “issues” she needs to resolve as she makes it very difficult to empathize with her regarding her “mother” situation by being a rude jerk.

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