Kim DePaola Calls Caroline Manzo A Bully


Real Housewives of New Jersey spitfire Kim DePaola is not happy with former cast member Caroline Manzo, RadarOnline is reporting. “Where did she get her psychiatry degree? She’s always giving other people advice and not following it herself,” Kim said in an interview with Tom Murro. “She doesn’t live by her own rules. Caroline is a backstabber.”

After the bloody brawl that took place at the opening of POSCHE 2, Caroline called Kim a “moron” and Kim is responding via RadarOnline. “She’s always walking around with a puss on her face! One day it’s going to stay that way. She should practice what she preaches since she doesn’t even talk to half of her family,” Kim says.

“She’s the epitome of a bully,” she added. “She’s an absolute bully.”

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  1. I have really grown to like Kim DePaola and hope she is made a full-time housewife on #RHONJ. She is an expert at getting things going and definitely will speak her mind on any situation. @Andy Cohen @BravoTV, bring Kim in on RHONJ full-time. Turn it into a winner !

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