Kim D & The RHONJ Set-Up!

Kim “D” made her appearance on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion and a lot of viewers were left confused. Earlier this month she was quoted in Star Magazine saying, “Did I know what I was getting us into? Yes. Did Teresa? Not at all.” You can read that article here. But at the reunion, the answers seemed different.

At the reunion, Andy Cohen asked Kim if Teresa knew Melissa was getting set-up. Kim’s answer was, “Did she [Teresa] know something was going to go down? Yes. Did she know exactly what was down? No.” When someone specifically asked Kim if Teresa knew who the target of the set-up was, Kim responded, “Of course she would know who the target was because she knew I was mad at Melissa.”

Overall Kim admitted Teresa knew something was going down on the finale of RHONJ, but she also claims, “Everybody knew except for Kathy and Melissa.”

Tell Us- Which story of Kim’s do you believe, if any?

Photo Credit: Bravo


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