Kim D Snubs Caroline Manzo And Kathy Wakile


Kim DePaola held her famous POSCHE Fashion Show last week and an insider is telling RadarOnline that she purposely did not invite Caroline Manzo and Kathy Wakile to her event. “She [Kim] can’t stand Caroline,” a source tells Radar. “They aren’t friends. There’s no reason to be fake about it.” And as for Kathy’s absence? “Kim D only invited her friends,” the source said. But Melissa and Joe Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita were all invited and couldn’t make it, but Teresa and Joe Giudice did attend.

“They [Teresa and Joe] were mobbed during the event. They could barely go to the bathroom without fans approaching them,” witnesses told Radar. Despite their legal woes Teresa and Joe were “so friendly and looked happy taking photos with fans.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Julie

    Melissa and Joe didn’t show because there were no cameras.

    • Bobby

      LMAO Exactly or perhaps Mel was getting ready but Joey Marco raped her

    • TheRealDeal

      I can’t stand Melissa Gorgon & Joe Girlga!

  • Aunt Bee

    I don’t think Caroline would go even if she were invited. Kathy wasn’t invited because Kim doesn’t need her anymore since she isn’t a primary housewife now. She invited Jac because she and Teresa are friends but Jacqueline has enough integrity not to go to this slimy broads party. Just my opinion.

  • Walter

    This chick a joke, plain and simple, she’s a busy body into Everyone’s business.

    • TheRealDeal

      Kim D. is awesome!

  • Aunt Bee

    I think you are right Julie about why Joe&Melissa weren’t there. But the Gorgas also blame KD for a lot of the rumors about MG.

    Walter you are hitting it right on the head. I can’t stand the woman.

  • notatrehugger

    Why would anyone attend any event this dirty trash was involved with? Hopefully the REAL LADIES and GENTELMEN of NJ have made the decision to stop associating with the piece of trash. I personally would disassociate myself from anyone that did attend the event.

    • Chainey

      I agree with you notatrehugger and Walter. Kim D is slime.