Kim D SLAMS Melissa Gorga, Claims She’s Going to Punch Her in the Face


Kim D has been stirring up drama on the Real Housewives of New Jersey since the beginning and in a new interview, she has a lot to say about Melissa Gorga.

“I’m kind of going to punch her in the face,” Kim says. “I found out that she was telling Jacqueline [Laurita] and the other girls not to come to my store, not to film there and not to come to my fashion show.”

DePaola is even considering taking legal action against Gorga. “Her store is called Envy by Melissa Gorga. My lawyer says I should sue!” Kim tells Life & Style.

But that’s not all Kim has to say about Melissa. “She’s had four nose jobs but won’t even admit to one,” she continues. “And her relationship with Teresa [Giudice] is fake. They don’t bother with each other off-camera. Teresa can’t stomach the sight of her.”

“The crew hates Melissa’s f*cking guts,” she adds.

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  • One Rotten Egg

    Someone is jelly. What idiot would waste money on a lawsuit about someone telling others not to shop there. Business is done by word of mouth lots of time. That’s the nature of it. Nothing derrogatory about that.

    • @ One Rotten Egg, the lawsuit is about the store’ s name Envy, which KD, has too. Believe it’s her 2nd store.
      Regardless, it is a frivolous lawsuit. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        WTF? Does Kim D. own the word envy?

    • Anonymous

      How do you “kind of punch” someone in the face?
      Why would Kim D. “kind of punch” Melissa in the face? Afraid of the competition?


    Why does Kim’s face look like it was attached to that sun-spotted neck and chest area. Stop with the plastic surgery unless you are going to do EVERYTHING. Why do these women think it looks good to bleach and pull the skin on your face, but your neck and chest remain the same? FREAKS!

    • Yes, my Daughters studied cosmetology when they were teen agers. They told me to NEVER go out without sun block on my face and decolette`. I am red headed and super fair. I listened too. At 62, after gardening for 16 years, I still have a smooth decollete`. My face is wrinkled, but not my lower regions!! So, good girls for making sure I saw what would happen if I didn’t listen and mind their advice. Kim D. always makes a fool of herself on RHONJ. It keeps her in the show though. She has wanted to be a housewife since the beginning. I would have preferred her to Danielle to be honest.

  • Why is someone even interviewing her as if she is relevant to this show? Melissa CLEARLY has had at least one nose job, and you can see that from season one to recent shows. But if she doesn’t want to cop to it, does that matter? Also, maybe there is not enough information presented in this interview, but what the heck is she threatening to sue Melissa over when her store’s name is Posche??????????

    • Suze☕️

      No no no it’s called contouring! (Times four!) Who cares if she has or not, I don’t see the point in lying about it as everyone knows but it’s her business so I don’t really care, she can have a head transplant and I wouldn’t care.

      • LOL…everyone uses that contouring excuse. I would be embarrassed too if I was put on the spot about that on a talk show, but does anyone really care? What difference does it make. You can tell it is not contouring, because if you look at side views of her in season one, her profile is very different from the profile that she has now. That is funny about the contouring though:)

        • Suze☕️

          It only makes a difference when they deny it but who cares? I might have admitted to the first one but if it was four I might then have used the contouring excuse! I wonder how many HW’s have not had surgeries that would be interesting! I would put Brandi and Vicki at the top then Heather, I have probably missed a few but my brain is slow today!

          • Jac’s face looks quite a bit different this year. I can’t tell if it is from lip work or nose work. She just talks different, or at least in these first few episodes. I honestly think Melissa claimed the contouring thing, the first renunion after it was obviously done, but who knows (pun intended) if she’s truly had four or not. Call me old fashioned, but I just don’t think it’s polite to ask someone what work they’ve had done on their faces. When it’s obvious (like the people mentioned above), why even bother asking. lol.

            • Suze☕️

              Totally agree xoxoxoxoxo

    • Anonymous

      Why would Kim D. care about how many nose jobs Melissa had or didn’t have?

  • Jake

    This one is vile lol, she’s been around like a fly you can’t get rid of, to showcase her crappy store… lmao

    • Agree Jake, we need a big old Bravo fly swatter to get rid of her!

      • Lizzie

        Exactly lol!!! She nasty, obnoxious and rude. Annoying like a fly.

  • Melodie

    I just don’t get why Kim has any input into any of the NJHW. No one l ikes her and she tries so hard to be a tough girl. She has no manners and not filter. Who gives a crap about her and her stupid boutique. Her mouth is just disgusting… “remember when she called out Joe Gorga “your a midget I run with the big boys” “Im going to punch her in the face. Who the hell talks like that? Trailer Trash and gutter rats. Kim go away Bravo she is disgusting get her off the show. I just cannot stand this woman.

  • Michelle

    I don’t know why this woman is given a platform of any kind. Her 15 seconds of fame is 15 seconds too long.

    Hey Suze, I fly to Inverness in a few hours (I’m up at 4 am (London) with freaking jet lag right now). I understand you’ve had a fab week of warm temps but I’m really hoping for cooler weather. Coming from South Florida, I want, no need, a cool break.

    • Suze☕️

      It’s warm here but not like London! I hope you have a great time in our granite city! We are about 4hrs drive south from Inverness. It will be a break from the weather you are used to that’s for sure! Just checked forecast 19deg C 67f so you get your wish.

      • Michelle

        I know….I know…looking forward to the temps staying around the mid 60’s.

        Hey…why are you up?

        • Suze☕️

          Too much coffee and statins, not a good mix! Still in bed with my iPad reading. Checking in here now and sh gain to see who has commented that I want to read! Have a great time xxxooo

          • It is sooooo nice to see you here, Suze. I have been absent, also, but no matter who was gone, it is wonderful to be connected on here again. This is such a great place, it has up’s and down’s and travels with me through mine. Kim D? I don’t know what to think, only agreeing with the gutter rat comment. Reminds me of the mouse my kitties worked so hard to leave for me this morning!! They were so proud of themselves, and I praised them a lot. Goooood kitties!

            • Suze☕️

              Catch up soon when I can type more than one sentence without typos! Xxxxoooo

            • Anonymous

              Sad…I wouldn’t encourage my cats to kill anything. Poor mouse 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Stay on topic, please.

  • Bless you Suze your in my prayers. Battle of the Boutique s. I’m with Mellisa. Joe acts like he’s not happy with his wife working. Doesn’t look good.

    • Suze☕️


      • Suze☕️

        Sorry forgot to add, Joe Gorga is a creep all he tries to portray is he wants his wife home in bed. In my opinion he plays the sex too much! (Biting Joe Guidice in his privates was weird! What man would do that?)

        • Anonymous

          Those who talk the most do the least.