Kim D Slams Danielle Staub For Racist Rant; Shares Shocking Video

Kim DePaola has something to say to Andy Cohen after Danielle Staub appeared on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week.

Kim tweeted, “Dstaub Censored on Vimeo. @Bravoandy you give this racist a platform and I never get to speak MY TRUTH,” along with an uncensored video of Staub’s racist rant that we previously reported about.

You can check out the video below… warning Danielle is naked.

In the clip, Danielle says, “Hey stupid moron! Where’s the f***ing n****r pot? Awesome, you’ve got the n***er connection. You’re so f***ing powerful, you’ve got the n***er connection!” She continues, “You wanna call me psycho one more f***ing time, you stupid f***ing Mexican? Go ahead, see what that gets you. Bring it. Bring it, Navy SEAL! See where it gets you with my f*****g cartel!”

What do you think about what Kim had to say?

Photo Credit: Bravo