Kim D Says Teresa Is A Good Mother And Believes She Is Innocent


Just hours after appearing in federal court Wednesday, Teresa Giudice headed to Kim DePaola’s POSCHE to honor a commitment she had mad to Kim and her fans. Teresa and Joe pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to the 39 counts of fraud and tax evasion, and it’s reported the U.S. Attorney has already rejected a plea deal offered by Teresa’s defense team to keep her out of jail. Despite her legal woes, Teresa seemed relaxed and as reports, she could feel the love from her fans.

POSCHE owner and Teresa’s personal friend, Kim D, is standing by her friend, telling, that Teresa is a “good mother” and she believes her “best friend” is innocent. “I live in this country, and I believe you are innocent until proven guilty,” DePaola said. “I stand behind her.”

Photo/Video Credit: Janelle Griffith/The Star-Ledger


5 Replies to “Kim D Says Teresa Is A Good Mother And Believes She Is Innocent”

  1. I thought Teresa was supposed to be dropping Kim D as a friend because of all she’s done to Melissa. I guess you can’t drop the person that does your dirty work for you.

  2. those people in the video are morons. Sometimes good people make bad choices? Yeah I think people who swindle money multiple times are down to earth good people. What tools these people are.

    1. I could not agree with you more Trixie on both counts! Isn’t it funny that everytime her friends are asked a question about this mess that they say “Well, she is a mother or is a good mother?”. One has nothing to do with the other! Dosen’t matter what kind of mom she is, she is not above the law and she is not the first woman with children to go to jail! That part of this whole mess drives me crazy. There are laws for a reason and if you break them you are punished…just like what we learned all the back in kindergarten.

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