Kim D Reveals Who Started The Rumors Melissa Gorga Cheated


Kim D is taking to her personal Blog to write about Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Kim says it was nice to see the Gorgas and Giudices have a family dinner together. Kim asks why Melissa acted so nice and calm to Penny at Chakra if she believes Penny is the one starting the rumors about her. Kim says Penny didn’t start the cheating allegations, Melissa’s ex did when he started tweeting about her.

Kim writes, “It was very refreshing to see the Giudices and Gorgas have a nice family dinner at Rare. As an aside, if anyone is looking for a new steakhouse in our area of Jersey, Rare is fabulous!  The seafood tower they were eating is to die for! Anyway, I was very happy they were all relaxing and getting along. I love Antonia! She is such a wise woman and I have the utmost respect for her. She stole the entire scene! And didn’t Teresa look fab in her black and blue striped peplum top? It’s one of our faves, Torn by Ronny Kobo from Posche!

Quick thought: I completely agreed when Joe Gorga told Johnny the music manager that “love is everything”, not sex. And Melissa is also wearing Torn in this scene. We have a few of those gold bodysuits left in the store…so sexy!

Jacqueline’s Autism speech was very touching, and I thought her delivery was spot on. She is a wonderful mom and Nick’s progress is truly remarkable. He has come so far, and I think it’s very commendable that Jacq wants to help others by raising awareness.

Question. At Chakra, why does Melissa act so happy when she walks over to Penny at the bar? If she and Joe really believe Penny is the one who is actually spreading these rumors why act so calm around her? And better yet, why is Joe so quick to point a finger at all the women with regards to this cheating accusation? Why not go right to the source? I didn’t start the rumor. Teresa didn’t start the rumor. Jan didn’t start the rumor. And Penny didn’t start the rumor. Melissa’s ex did! It was all over Twitter. Whether it did or did not happen, HE is the one Joe Gorga should be confronting! Maybe it is just easier to always blame Teresa. Hmm…

Well, by the looks of the previews I guess you could all see I’m back next week! My Posche 2 opening at the Moxie Salon is the finale and it’s a two parter again! We’re gonna go out with a bang! Can’t wait for this one and I can only say one thing: Drama will be delivered! Until next week…”

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  • Anita

    She is lying too! The exboyfriend was outted by the site famewhorgas which also revealed his twitter name. Immediately the readers of that site started following and asking questions. Since 2 seasons ago, Penny and fat bald man have been tweeting things against Melissa trying to get on the show as a HW. When the season ends and they see that outing Melissa as a stripper did not work, then they see the opportunity to try and befriend the exboyfriend which also did not work. The guy does not even know Penny of the fat husband. Now that this guy is not cooperating, they sought and found another ex-boyfriend which is a sketchy character.

  • Mike

    First off, Kim Duh has no credibility with me. Second. It’s not always what’s said, sometimes it how it’s exposed. Maybe Kim, Teresa, Jan or Penny aren’t guilty of starting the rumors about Melissa cheating, but they are guilty of telling the gossip to millions of viewers. It’s the same mo as last season. Kim contacts Teresa for a meeting, Teresa brings the Bravo cameras to the meeting with Kim. Kim tells her gossip, true or not, in front of the cameras for millions of viewers to hear. Teresa leave the room so she can say she had no part of it. Even if I was to give Teresa the benefit of a doubt and believe she was duped by Kim last season, Then why would Tre remain friends with someone she knew was trying to destroy her brothers wife, knowing it would also destroy her relationship with her brother. Why would Teresa allow Kim to do the same thing this season by bringing the cameras to another meeting with Kim and her other friends to spread even more gossip about Melissa? Even if Teresa wants to say she was duped into Kim’s trashy ways of ruining Mel, why is she still friends with Kim to this day??? Are they already planning next seasons ambush? I think Bravo should cancel this train wreck of a show. Following twitter during last night’s show I read many tweets about Bravo altering the scenes. This show has lost all credibility of having any “reality” in it, and not it is starting to question Andy’s as well as Bravo’s credibility. Shoot this rabid dog of a show before it spreads it disease.

  • DebBrenn

    This reads like an ad for her store. Why does anyone care? She’s ridiculous and utterly ignorant. It doesn’t matter what some dumb guy says that there’s no relationship with. It matters only that Teresa, whom they should be able to trust, used it to stir up trouble. Of course they didn’t go to Penny with guns blazing – they just wanted to hear the truth, and that wouldn’t have worked.

  • Tennispeach

    I know this is horrible to say, but she looks like a drag queen.

    • GG

      Any hyper-femme, who might identify as a man or woman, might be considered a drag queen. So, any RH too.

  • Aunt Bee

    I agree with Denbrenn and Tennis peach and what does this lying witch mean by “we’re goona go out with a bang” ???? What the heck does she mean “WE” cuz if she is going to be a new housewife, I will no longer watch.

  • maskedblogger

    Kim D looks like a Platypus. She’s a liar, you can’t believe a thing she says. She and that car wreck Penny want so bad to be on RHONJ, they do anything for Teresa because they think she’s got lots of clout with Andy Cohen. It’s sad

  • Carrie

    Please cancel this aweful, FAKE show. They need to go away.

  • What has happen to her face,