Kim D Reveals She Plans to Sue Teresa Giudice For Defamation

Kim DePaola, who frequently guest-stars on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, has confirmed that she has spoken to her lawyer and plans to sue Teresa Giudice for defamation of character over allegations made at this year’s reunion.

“I called my attorney,” an angry Kim revealed. “This is 1000% defamation of character.”

“She has no f*cking right to say I run a prostitution ring! To even say something as slanderous as that? She’s known me for 9 years. I wish I was a madam!”

We will keep watching to see what happens between Kim and Teresa at the reunion this week.

“I’m not scamming people. I’m not doing illegitimate things. I’m not running a prostitution ring! To say that is unacceptable. She’s going down!” DePaola said.

“Melissa lies. Melissa was a stripper. Teresa went to jail. They scam everyone,” she concluded.

I have a feeling this will be a long battle…


16 Replies to “Kim D Reveals She Plans to Sue Teresa Giudice For Defamation”

  1. UGH. I hate to say it, but Kim D. is right in this instance. Neither one has the right to spread falsehoods publicly without legal consequences. And if Tre is still under parole, she must keep her nose clean or risk the threat of returning to prison. Tre has never been my favorite housewife, but she has paid her debt to society and then some…it is totally up to her to stay above board from here on out. Being around Kim D. can only bring her down.

    1. She needs to stay clean of criminal trouble. She can be sued for making alleged comments about the alleged madam. Thing is Kim’s own words can hurt her since she implied in a few seasons she had ties to the mob.

    2. Do you know for sure it’s falsehoods? I’m sure Tre’s lawyer is well aware of the allegations – and monitors everything that has to do with Tre on the show to protect her.
      This is kim d’s way of getting free publicity for her thrift store.

  2. The stripper myth has already been debunked. Kim D. can’t cry foul about defamation, the turn around and do the exact same thing herself to another person. This woman has an axe to grind and is desperate to cling onto any connection to this show that she get. She cheapens the show and brings too much of a mafia/ dirty money connection to what would otherwise be a just a simple bunch of clueless housewives catfighting around Jersey.

    Kim may or may not be a madam, who knows? If it’s not true, then it definitely shouldn’t be said. But what we do know is that she’s shown up on the show before pretty tightly wound with a friend in the sex worker business (her strip club owner friend who lied about Melissa being a stripper rather than bartender); she’s had an automobile that was marked for an execution hit, resulting in two deaths from drug related activity, and we know that her boyfriend is THE infamous Sam Giacomaro: probably the third most notorious of America’s embezzlement felons (alongside Jordan Belford of Wolf of Wall Street fame, and Bernie Madoff). Giacomaro served 13 years for masterminding a pyramid scheme that embezzled 73 million dollars from his investors (some of them famous), and Kim has been helping him try to turn his fraud schemes into new pay dirt by shopping books,screenplays, anything to make a buck in show business. She runs around with a sketchy crowd, is mean spirited, and always has questionable intentions. It’s not entirely unreasonable to question what she really has going on that has helped her amass such a large amount of money. That teeny weeny boutique? It’s poorly designed from the interior, the merchandise doesn’t look particularly high end, and the cost of running a brick and mortar business today…something just doesn’t add up with her…for HOWEVER she gets her money, something is just off…she just reeks trouble and shady connections.

    1. I have friends in NJ who say that their relatives own flower shops but live in mansions. A bricks and mortar business is all about doing your “laundry”.

      1. Nods head in total agreement. In Miami there is also a lot money floating around in nightclubs and small businesses that also double as, ermm, “laundry mats”. Decades ago, it was the ultra rich South American cartels parlaying their money into respectability. At the dawn of the 90s, suddenly a certain Russian contingent was unabashedly running rampant in all of North Miami Beach- but they’ve done an extraordinary job of turning their “laundry mats” into proper businesses that serve their community now. Yup, the old fashioned “laundry mat” is still a thing in the far reaches of suburbia…

        …and, that rinky dink little shop of Kim’s…the woman is selling fake Chanel items and calling them “Chanel Inspired”, for goodness’ sake. There’s no way you can tell me that as a “fashion retailer”, being a “bonafide” member of the fashion industry living in the tri-state area she doesn’t know that Chanel has a zero tolerance policy against copyright infringement and the use of the double-C logo on, like, ANYTHING. I’ve been to two of Kyle Richards’ stores, and when you walk in, you know you are in a legitimately upscale retailer with proper visual merchandising & interior design. Kim D. is selling her sequined cocktail dresses on the kind of plastic hangers that are normally reserved for discount outlets.

  3. She can say whatever she wants and cries foul when it is done to her? She needs to stay off the show if she doesn’t like how the game is played. Bravo must be desperate to have her back.

  4. So… She can say any and everything, but now want to sue? Bahahahaha what a moron.. If she goes through with this lawsuit, shame on Bravo if they allow her back on this show in any way, shape, or form.

  5. Wait a minute. Above, she’s quoted as saying, “I wish I was a madam.” So, Tre saying that is hardly “defaming” her. She can try to sue for slander, but good luck claiming it damaged her when she said herself it was something she wished for. Case dismissed.

  6. To defame someone’s character, first they must have character. An essential element of proving slander is showing that it caused damage. I cannot imagine anyone on this show could be damaged by such an allegation as prostitution. Frankly, it would be the most honest work any of them have ever done.

  7. This con should be thanking Tre and Melissa for even mentioning her name (and giving her relevance). Everyone knows they’re merely setting the stage for Kim D. to finally become a full-time player next season … and to be honest, I’m down.

  8. in my opinion, Kim D brought this entire ugly situation upon herself. She was defaming Theresa’s character by stating untruths. Making devastating statements regarding Theresa’s personal life and planting seeds of infidelity for her children, family members and fan base to hear was completely wrong. If that is not Defamation of Character, I don’t know what is. Shame on YOU, Kim D.

  9. Kim D had better have proof that she is NOT a madam. She runs with the big dogs, right? Is that why her kid’s friends got murdered in the son’s car? Word in NJ is the kid was involved with criminal activities – drugs, money laundering, etc. and was the REAL target of the arson/murders. It will all come out if she chooses to try to get some free publicity by “suing” Theresa. In fact, from what I heard, the investigation of the murders is far from over.
    Kim D with her “click-click” motion of handcuffs better watch her back – she may be next to get a new pair of bracelets. I heard “the big dogs” aren’t happy with her these days.

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