Kim D Reveals Giudice Family & Friends Blame RHONJ For Legal Issues


Teresa Giudice’s good friend Kim D, who has appeared on RHONJ, is speaking out about Teresa’s 15 month jail sentence. DePaola reveals that the “underlying feeling” among Teresa’s family and their inner circle is that it was “the show that brought this out.”

“There are things that we’ve discussed that only I could be privy to, as girlfriends, that I don’t want to reveal,” Kim said on The Derek Z Show, adding that this is a “major lesson for everyone, especially women.”

“I say this to women all the time because [the things] I see, the things that I hear, the stories that I hear from women… you cannot just sign tax returns! And read your papers, and if your husband doesn’t like it, or your significant other doesn’t like, it’s tough!” she says. “Because this is a case where something like this happens, and look what happens! You have got to know what you’re signing… you can’t blindly trust a man!”

Kim says while Teresa is away serving her sentence she believes Joe will be a rock for their four daughters.

“Joe’s strong, Teresa’s stronger… women are always stronger, that’s my opinion, if his father was here, things would be different, his father was his rock,” DePaola said. “But Joe loves his kids. He’s gonna be there for his kids, he’s gonna be strong for his kids… even when he’s weak, I don’t think he’s gonna show that to his children.”

Kim says she wants Teresa “to start a new life with nothing hanging over her head.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Missy

    God does this woman ever shut up. The Guidices signed on to this show so they only have themselves to blame for all the attention they got being on it. Kim D has nothing remotely intelligent or interesting to say and needs to keep her mouth shut and stay out of other people’s business.

  • One Rotten Egg

    Andy, Bravo, the judge–are you all listening and reading??

  • VaNonna

    They only have themselves to blame. Always trying to make excuses. Who wanted to make it seem like they lived large and had all these material things. Who did they do that for? Defrauding $13 million dollars – the show made them do this?

  • Melodie

    Kim D is a MORON…. why does Bravo think she has anything of relevance to say…. Go Away Kim your an idiot.