Kim D Reacts To POSCHE 2 Fight, Slams Caroline Manzo


Kim DePaola is taking to her blog to discuss the opening of POSCHE 2 and the brawl that occurred on the season finale. Kim insists she told Penny to tell Johnny not to come to the event, because she knew it wouldn’t go well. Kim assures viewers that there are plenty of people who have it out for Melissa, but that Teresa is not one of them. Kim also reacts to Caroline Manzo’s comments about her, and she is not happy.

Kim writes, “Well, here we are dolls! The finale! It has been a long, tumultuous road this season. Definitely a lot of drama, and not as many laughs. However, my bond with Teresa became even stronger and we are as close as ever. So, here it goes; my thoughts on episode 18:

To kick it off, I will say again: Teresa did not know Melissa would be set up! She did not put anyone up to anything! When Joe Gorga is calling everyone rats, maybe he should look to Bulldog’s Twitter feed because he is the one who started it, not us! The rumor has been going around for years. Give it a rest already. And if I ever see Joe do an interview without knocking his sister, I would fall off my chair…

Whenever I throw a party or event, I always make sure I get to greet and mingle with all of my guests. That is what I was doing when Penny and Teresa called me over. When I was summoned you could see that I was not particularly thrilled about being brought into it. I wanted no part of it and I was no part of it PERIOD. This was in no way my battle. And when Melissa says “Teresa has a lot of control over Kim D”, I think all of you have gotten to know me at this point and should understand that there is not one person on this planet who has ever controlled me…EVER. And in response to “who has the agenda to take Melissa down”, what I was thinking when I look at Teresa was here we go again. Unfortunately, there are people who do want to take Melissa down, but in this particular case the proof is in the pudding. The Gorgas should see that and once and for all stop blaming Teresa.

I will get more into this later because believe me, I HAVE A LOT TO SAY, but to address Caroline’s interview statement: “You know this whole thing I’m watching it play out and I realize that the common denominator is always Kim D. For years, and years, and years her hands have been dirty. You know it’s just ugly, it’s just wrong.” First of all, “YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS?!” Boy, that sounds like a lot of time! I have known Caroline for five years, and that’s it. I am a business owner. I have events all the time. I invite everyone who supports my business, whether they be family, friends, or clients. I do not disinvite people who shop at Posche just because they do not get along with other people who are attending.  It’s my opening so that automatically puts me at fault because it’s taking place in my establishment? Come on…

For the record, I told Penny to tell John not to come. I did not think it was the time and the place for everyone to confront each other at my opening. If you heard earlier in last week’s episode, Melissa asked Joe if Johnny was coming. He replied saying he hoped so. Jacqueline and Chris also mentioned they too were hoping he was there so they could speak to him. It was clear trouble was brewing. That is why when John walks in you hear me say: “Oh God, oh God, oh God.” I was nervous because I immediately felt the aggression in the room. I always own it when I had something to do with something, and I can say that I had absolutely NOTHING to do with this.

Joe Gorga of course has the right to defend his wife. This situation has been building up for two years since the Posche Fashion Show in 2011. I will say that I know Teresa and she would never talk about her parents to anyone. She is very protective of them.  As I feared, things went from bad to worse. The incident that happened that night was like nothing I had ever seen before. Much worse than the christening. I will agree with Caroline that it was exactly like a tsunami. Within seconds my boutique was leveled, not to mention the brand new porcelain sinks the Moxies had just installed. Everyone was not only in shock, but scared for their lives. Instead of taking the confrontation outside, the men put their wives and a room full of what was primarily women, in utter danger.

Now, with regards to Caroline’s literally off-the-wall reaction to the events, this is what I have to say: Firstly, I do not appreciate having a finger pointed in my face. If everyone remembers back to the Season 1 finale, Danielle told Caroline the same thing. It is very degrading. Secondly, am I-iiiiii “happy”?! I will quote myself, I WAS “NOT F*CKING HAPPY!” My brand new clothes were destroyed, my cuffs were broken, not to mention the back of my dear friends’ salon was practically demolished. Why on earth would I EVER want that? Thirdly, what I “did to a family”?? So, apparently the whole debacle is to be blamed solely on me because I threw a party to celebrate my opening. My mistake. And not to mention the fact that I made up with Joe and Melissa earlier this year BECAUSE Teresa is such a good friend and we wanted to put an end to any animosity. While Caroline was jumping up and down like a human jack-in-the-box, apparently going for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar, my own “army” was rallying around me flabbergasted by such ludicrous accusations. It was beyond disrespectful, and right in front of my mother nonetheless? Disgusting. Fourthly, the “moron” comment…I KNOW she was not talking about me. I really appreciated Jamie (owner of the Moxie) jumping in front of me and telling Caroline to “get out”. She really had my back and was not going to stand for her screaming in my face for no reason. Not to mention, this fight was absolutely none of her business! Thank goodness I was being held back for fear of my safety because I do not take too kindly to being verbally attacked. I feel Caroline has been bullying people for years. She has called people names like “garbage” and “clown”, not to mention said she would “burn my store down” if she was Teresa. She has always shopped at my store and been nice to my face. Our families go way back. Much to my dismay, I had no idea whatsoever that she felt this way about me. Now I guess I know where we stand.

In conclusion, this season started with the perfect storm and ended with the perfect storm. Having personally experienced and lived through Hurricane Sandy, it was truly devastating for the state of New Jersey. Millions were left without electricity, gas lines were 5+ hours long, not to mention all the people who lost their beautiful homes. I think it’s safe to say that Sandy was the real home wrecker this year. It really puts things into perspective. In the grand scheme of things, all of these little tiffs and idle gossip, are really very trivial. Life is too short and I remind myself of this every single day.

I will be back next week to share my thoughts on the Reunion: Part 1! Hope you all enjoyed the first week of Fall! And tickets for the POSCHE Fashion Show are almost sold out! It’s going to be the best one yet, so if you’d still like to join us call to get yours! We promise you a fabulous time as always!”

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  • Aunt Bee

    Who the hell cares what you think. Who the hell do you think you are? Oh, yeah, the biggest trouble maker ever seen. I want to know how old you are, if you are really female, and why you think anyone cares what your opinion is.
    Ooooooo, you make my skin crawl.y

  • Cathy

    I agree w/your over all undxerstanding towards Kim D, I’m not a fan, buuutt Aunt Bee, when you use the same manner in corresponding about her, the same as she does…you lose your class, that you obviously have (you have got the big pic)..and Kim D is totally lacking!!! I do tho, appreciate her giving Teresa the credit she deserves. Teresa is a full blood example of Italian women. Theresa did not start these rumors, and summed it up in the best she’s ever been. Everyone who has been deeply hurt can find some satisfaction when they hear ugliness about those people. Some where in between lies the truth and I honestly believe Theresa’s intentions were that of a twisted but pure love for her brother. I thought it was strange last year, this year I get it. I have seen the over the top egos of Melissa & Joe. I have seen them do the same they have done that is being slighted, so Theresa can take the hit for all of it. Kim D said it, i”f she ever heard Joe G say anything nice about his sister”, was right on target. I do not like Theresa having such trusting relationship w/Kim D, buuuttt, Theresa can def be more cautious, cuz we all know that whatever is shared goes right to that shady character Penny D. my sentiments towards her pretty much are described by Aunt Bee. It was the most painful analysis I have witnessed on this show…it has lost its original meaning..Italian Housewives from NJ. shifting gears from the last generation of a fading “old school” ways. Theresa & Joe (husband) have tried, showing family, love, struggles, cooking, births,, disagreements, excitement, loyalty, and so on. Now it looks like the HUGE conceit of Melissa & Joe (her husband)…nose jobs..teeth whitening, singing (and she can’t) sex, disrespect, body images, bigger houses, destruction, and more that revolves around the now big stars, Joe and Melissa Gorga. if you watch closely, those 2 are constantly pushing the other ones head to be larger than life staring in the mirror!! I would prefer to see her cooking and all that crap when her husband comes home from work. I like Kathy & her husband, Richie, Rosie, Caroline & Al, Jacq and Chris, all the kids, too. turn the show around and watch the drama, normal drama that can carry an entertainment on its own. No Kim D and the Greeks. This is an Italian original show, it has gone down hill..

  • pixntrix

    Kim D has obviously escaped from the looney bin and off her meds. That POS is always at the bottom of most the problems. If Teresa is still friends with her and the Horsetail then Teresa deserves what she gets. Bravo for the love of God NO MORE Kim or the Horsetail!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh please, you were the one who was digging last year before the fashion show at the hair salon to dig up info on melissa and you were the one who called together the dinner at Belissimo’s to dig up the dirt on the cheating rumors but you had nothing to do with it????? Perhaps Kim you should rewatch the last two seasons..

  • Courtre

    This whole season was based on things that went on through Twitter. How would a brother and sister be torn apart by idle snark? People whose bond is strong cannot be shaken by gossip. If your bond is not strong, you should be looking at yourself… not someone else.

  • Anonymous

    Shut the hell up Kim D, just shut the hell up!

  • Aunt Bee

    Cathy you are right, I over reacted. But sometimes I get so angry that I write and post before I cool down. I agree with everything Anonymous says above though she says it better than I do.

  • Izzy

    Cathy Puuh-lease! You give Teresa to much credit. She likes superficial things to. And there is nothing wrong with that. But don’t make it seem like Teresa and Joe are such like “old school Italians” when its just try HARD

  • Anonymous

    BOYCOTT BRAVO if Teresa isn’t fired!!! She has been arrested on 39 counts for being a thief and liar. Why should we support a criminal!

  • Aunt Bee

    Anonymous you are sounding like a broken record. We get your point.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry Aunt Bee but I am behind this movement and can’t stop. I am one little person trying to take a stand.
      I will be honest. I have disliked Teresa and suspected that their money wasn’t clean since season 1 and am honestly happy that it has all came to light what kind of people they are.
      Would Bravo continue to keep her on the show if she was indicted for murder? Probably not. So why continue to employ her just because she has been indicted on less offensive charges?
      If she is found innocent then that opens the door for her own show but don’t continue to employ her while she is under indictment for 39 counts of fraud and theft.
      A good example of how unfair and the idiocy of this all is would be after all the crap Paula Dean went through and the millions she lost for something she said 20 years ago (said not defrauded, lied or stole) and people and Bravo are still willing to support the likes of Teresa who’s crimes have an will continue to cost tax payers millions!
      Political correctness is good thing. I don’t not support racism in any fashion but why would the American public hold political correctness at a higher standard than actual criminal behavior?

  • Aunt Bee

    Point taken Anonymous. I am a fan of Paula Deen and I see exactly what you mean. I never thought of it the way you did and am glad you brought it to my attention. Thank you.