Kim D Doesn’t Believe Teresa Will Go To Jail


Teresa Giudice’s good friend, Kim DePaola, who is often seen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss Teresa’s indictment and the 39 counts of fraud she and her husband, Joe, have been charged with. ET caught up with Kim at her boutique, POSCHE, and she gave an update on how Teresa is doing. “It’s Teresa — she’s very strong,” she says. “Is she in good spirits? I mean, I don’t think she’s doing cartwheels outside her house, but I think she knows — she knows that she’s innocent of these things, and I think she’s gonna count on the justice [system] to say that she’s vindicated, and she believes in herself. She knows she’s innocent, and she’s gonna hope for the best.”

Kim also insists that she does not believe Teresa will go to jail. “I really do not feel Teresa’s gonna to be going to jail,” she says when asked what will happen to Teresa’s four daughters should their parents have to face jail time. “But God forbid if anything did happen, she has the most wonderful parents and wonderful in-laws. Those children will be very well taken care of. But I truly believe it will be Teresa taking care of them.”

So does Kim think Joe Giudice is to blame for Teresa’s indictment? “She happens to love her husband. She loves Joe,” Kim says. “She’s very loyal to Joe. I like Joe, so it’s a very hard question for me to answer. We’ll see what happens in the end. I hope that they come out of this vindicated, and it’s going to be a fairytale, and everything’s going to be OK.”

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3 Replies to “Kim D Doesn’t Believe Teresa Will Go To Jail”

  1. And Kim is “DELUSIONAL” as usual!
    Really Kim, is everything in life make-believe for you people?
    I hope they catch up with you too.

  2. Delusional is putting it mildly. Which is why no one cares what Kim D has to say.

    Teresa is is huge trouble. Kim D, as usual, thinks she can spin reality. Not this time.

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