Kim D Defends BFF Teresa Giudice, “She’s Stepping Up To The Plate And Owning It”


Real Housewives of New Jersey regular Kim D is speaking out after her BFF Teresa GIudice plead guilty to fraud charges earlier this week. Kim spoke said on The Derek Z Show that Teresa “stepped up to the plate” in taking responsibility for her legal issues with a guilty plea. “I think when she realized, when the papers came in, and her lawyer sat her down, she realized maybe she had done something wrong,” Kim said. “And we’ve all done wrong things, fortunately for most people, it’s not against the law.”

Kim continued, “And she stepped to the plate and she owned it… she’s owning it. Whatever comes to her, whatever happens because of this, she’s going to accept it.”

Listen here:

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3 Replies to “Kim D Defends BFF Teresa Giudice, “She’s Stepping Up To The Plate And Owning It””

  1. Wow, Kim D had some extreme plastic surgery if this is her in the photo…..not really a fan of plastic surgery but in this case…, much improved..

  2. They’re both gross.. Kim’s arm reminds me of the chicken I fried tonight. And Theresa …like a boyle needs to be popped on her head. Just slimy and used women…ick..

  3. Thanks for the pic of Dumb and Dumber. Teresa isn’t taking responsibility – she was caught dead to rights. Her attorney told her it was her only choice or she wouldn’t have done it.

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