Kim D Claims Teresa Giudice Doesn’t Care About Joe’s Deportation

Per usual, Kim D has something to say to Teresa Giudice amidst Joe’s deportation, but this time she’s taking Joe’s side. Kim says she doesn’t believe the mother-of-four cares that her husband is leaving and that she’s putting on a phony facade.

“Oh my God, first of all, I happen to like Joe. He’s always respectful of me,” she revealed to AMI exclusively. “I feel bad, I really feel bad. I don’t think that he should be deported but unfortunately, that’s the rules. That’s the law of the land, you know. Do I think he really deserves to be deported? No. I think it was a mistake on his part. He should’ve became a citizen — people should all learn from his mistakes, both of their mistakes.”

“As far as Teresa’s concerned, Teresa has no blood running through her veins. She has ice water. She can’t keep a friend, she’s out day and night, posting dinner, lunch, Miami, CA, Vegas, AC — I don’t think Teresa could care less. That’s a probable. I called it a long time ago. As usual, people will see that I’m always right. But I do feel bad for Joe and I do feel sorry for the children.”

“She’s going to still keep playing the phony role because I heard that she got a contract with Bravo,” Kim said. “I don’t know how true it is, about Joe being deported, so she’ll keep playing the actress like she cares but if anybody follows her and her one friend that she has, they’ll see that she can give two shi*s because she’s out every night. So yeah she’s going to definitely play the role, but I don’t know how you can do that when you’re out every night doing your own thing. I’m out every night with my dogs more than she’s home with her kids.”


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