Kim D Calls Out Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice After RHONJ Reunion


Kim D has never been one to shy away from the drama on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and after part one of the reunion aired Sunday night she took to Instagram to share more of her thoughts about Melissa Gorga and to call out Teresa Giudice.

“Melissa absolutely told the girls and many other people not to shop or film my store or fashion show!!! I was on the show before her and my store and fashion shows! Not kool to try and sabotage another woman’s lively hood!!!” Kim wrote.

Next, she had a message for Teresa. “And btw Teresa you did call me after your fight with Jacqueline at her house and asked if I would come on and film with you and say Jacqueline knew about strippergate!!! I declined!!! Stop the lies!!! And the sabotage!!! I guess both of you are not the big shots you think you are!! They did film my new store Posche by Kim D and my fashion show!! Try harder next time !!!!”

My thoughts on the reunion part 1!! #bravoandy @bravoandy

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20 Replies to “Kim D Calls Out Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice After RHONJ Reunion”

  1. Well Kim D knows everything cause she’s the one Teresa chose to use for the stripergate, remember how Kim D & Teresa brought that guy to talk about Melissa. Teresa can try and pin it on Jacqueline, we all know it was Teresa, she hated Melissa and wanted everyone to think she was a stripper. Period.

  2. Oh shut up Kim D wheres there drama there’s u on the middle of it. I’ve watched the RHONJ from the start and your always there went here drama a grown ass women acting like a child at 2 get a live

  3. Really, Kim? You claim it’s “not cool to sabatoge someone’s livelyhood” but it’s ok for you to destroy someone’s marriage?
    What a hypocrite!

  4. I do agree with your comments, but I too agree that Kim D. is telling the complete truth this time. There was a time I liked Melissa, a lot, but she did a total 180 when she eventually teamed up with Teresa. The only thing I ever really enjoyed about Teresa was the table tossing event. I think my most hated Housewive other than her is Danielle. NJ isn’t as important to me as it once was. Too many changes.

  5. Someone tell that Kim D that she needs blotting paper for the mound of grease on her face. Good heavens. meanwhile she has desperately tried from the beginning to get on this show full time and honestly? her clothes are UGLY. Go away.

  6. Lord have mercy, this woman has been trying to become a full on cast member for the longest time. After all these years, maybe she should stop trying to make fetch happen?

  7. Kim D. would do ANYTHING to become a housewife, which is a very small, exclusive group. Melissa has every right to tell others not to shop at Posche. Kim is the biggest liar & trouble maker ever. Unfortunately that isn’t the only requirement for becoming a housewife. I remember so well, and can watch it again whenever I want, the entire scene in the salon. Kim was the one who had the jerk come in to tarnish Melissa’s name and sully her reputation. She later admitted quickly in a phone conversation with Melissa that she had gotten angry with something Melissa did or said, that she had retaliated, without saying exactly how she did it, and begged her to come to the fashion show anyway. I realize Teresa and Melissa had a horrible past. They both did stupid, childish things. This was one time I know Teresa had no clue what was going to happen. Kim came over and talked Teresa into coming to have her hair and make-up done elsewhere, because that would be the only way Teresa could have seen the jerk and consequently later be blamed. That was the beginning of the set up. As Jaq so often points out, Teresa did have time to warn Melissa. Their relationship was so incredibly tenuous then, that it wouldn’t have mattered what Teresa did or said, she was going to take the fall for it, just like that bitch Kim. D. planned it. Then Jaq, naturally, got in there and made sure everyone believed Teresa was the master mind. God, it’s about time Teresa put a stop to allowing Jaqueline back into her circle. It reminds me of putting one drop of red food color in a bowl of clear water, it stains everything it reaches. And that is what Kim and Jaq are, a stain on humanity, women in particular.

  8. I absolutely cannot stand Kim D there is a reason you are not a constant on the show and you and clown face Jacqueline are great for each other. Yall need to get back into reality. Theresa and Melissa way to be there for each other that’s what sisters do.

  9. I swear sometimes I feel like I’m watching middle school mean girls.’
    It embarrassing that grown women ( mothers’ at that) act this way.

  10. You can go back & watch how hateful Theresa was about Melissa on camera. I can only imagine how she was off camera. I even remember the hateful things that joe would say. Watching the kids say hateful stuff about their aunt & uncle would make me cringe. I never heard Melissa or joes kids be as disrespectful as Theresa’s kids. Theresa should have kept her kids out of the feud. theresa could have shut this feud down years ago. Why couldn’t there be room for all of her family? Seriously you would have thought she would be happy to share the spotlight. Hmmm I for the most part believe Kim d . But Kim d liked to stir the pot

    1. Yes, Kim D., GO AWAY. I watched the fashion show episode more than once after my injury when I could do little more than sit and look forward. Kim D. came to Teresa’s house and talked her into going elsewhere to have her hair and make up done.
      Oh, and P.S. Jo Gorga said many awful things about his sister, and her husband. Both Melissa and Teresa have a lot to repent for and to forgive. The disagreements here are comparable to what theirs would be if they speak of the past. There would never be a place of peace, that’s why they decided to go FORWARD, NOT BACKWARDS. Both of them were out of line for a long time. Melissa and her IQ challenged husband should have told Teresa they were coming on the show. The Christening….. I’ve seen that a few times too. TOTALLY JO GORGA’S FAULT. Joe Guidice was standing there watching, not gouging his way toward Gorga like Melissa tried to say. Teresa kept trying to walk away, and Gorga kept saying more and more stuff. It’s all on film. Just because Gorga and his entire family were mad at Teresa and her family, and visa-versa, it was Teresa who went over, kissed him and congratulated him and Melissa on camera. We never would have known different if Gorga hadn’t started acting like some kind of bull. Screaming at his Dad, God, how humiliating that must have been for Melissa. I don’t care how you look at that, whatever had happened in private, that entire brawl was Jo Gorga’s doing.
      Anyway, Teresa was in the middle of trying to settle with Melissa during the poshe fashion show. Nothing she could have said or done concerning the bald guy would have gone over well. I think she hoped the entire thing would go away. Both Melissa and Teresa were trying at the time, but the connecting string between them was so taut, one touch and [snap} The relationship between them was so tenuous I could feel it through the t.v. The entire thing was Kim D. Anything she says now about Teresa trying to do this or that is a total lie. It doesn’t even make sense if you think about it. Jaqueline was the one who was a friend of Kim D., not Teresa. Kim would kneel before satan to have one more interview. And it’s true, Jaq is the one who brought Kim D. in.

  11. I believe Kim,Teresa is PURE EVIL,And a terrible mother she lets her kids do and say whatever they want without calling them out,milania is’nt funny she his rude and obnoxious,And the rest are’nt any better,there all Teresa in the making.

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