Kim D Blasts Jennifer Dalton For Giving Up 3 Of Her Kids & Arrest Record!


Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie, Jennifer Dalton decided to blast Kim D on King Mac Radio earlier this week, and now Kim is responding to Dalton’s words. Tom Murro, correspondent for RealityTea, reached out to Kim to ask if she had a reaction to what Jen said about her and she replied, “”Yes. Shes a total dirt-bag who gave up 3 of her kids (she has 4) to two different baby daddies. The most recent baby daddy punched her in the face a week before we started filming, cops were called, etc.  She went bankrupt last year, she was arrested a few times for non payment of child support, and the reason she’s saying these things about me is because she’s insignificant on the show, insignificant in life, and insignificant to me. Where does she live? She lives with Lil Kim and changed her name from Patterson to Dalton because of arrest warrants.”

As we previously, exclusively reported, Jen and Kim will have it out during a fight that was filmed towards the end of the Season.

Photo Credit: Bravo