Kim D Admits To Setting Melissa Gorga Up!

As we all remember, Melissa Gorga was set-up at Kim D’s Posche Fashion Show, on the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. While Teresa took a lot of heat for being involved in the set-up, Kim D is finally coming clean and revealing she was behind the whole thing. She is also claiming Teresa had no idea what was going on.

Kim D recently did an interview with Star Magazine and she says, “Did I know what I was getting us into? Yes. Did Teresa? Not at all.”

Kim also insists Melissa was a dancer, despite what we’ve heard from Melissa AND Bravo Producers, “I know for a fact Melissa worked at Lookers and was a dancer. Not only have eyewitnesses told me, random people have come into my store, Posche Boutique, saying she was a dancer not a bartender. Melissa doesn’t like the word stripper, so we’ll call her a dancer.”

Kim is to appear on the reunion Sunday night, so we will see if her stories match up. It should be interesting…

Tell Us- Do you believe Kim, that Teresa had no idea what was going on? 

Photo Credit: Bravo