Kim D Admits To Setting Melissa Gorga Up!

As we all remember, Melissa Gorga was set-up at Kim D’s Posche Fashion Show, on the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. While Teresa took a lot of heat for being involved in the set-up, Kim D is finally coming clean and revealing she was behind the whole thing. She is also claiming Teresa had no idea what was going on.

Kim D recently did an interview with Star Magazine and she says, “Did I know what I was getting us into? Yes. Did Teresa? Not at all.”

Kim also insists Melissa was a dancer, despite what we’ve heard from Melissa AND Bravo Producers, “I know for a fact Melissa worked at Lookers and was a dancer. Not only have eyewitnesses told me, random people have come into my store, Posche Boutique, saying she was a dancer not a bartender. Melissa doesn’t like the word stripper, so we’ll call her a dancer.”

Kim is to appear on the reunion Sunday night, so we will see if her stories match up. It should be interesting…

Tell Us- Do you believe Kim, that Teresa had no idea what was going on? 

Photo Credit: Bravo


5 Replies to “Kim D Admits To Setting Melissa Gorga Up!”

  1. NO!! Theresa is garbage…. There are too many things that Theresa would have done differently if she had no idea..for example, a person that was innocent in setting Melissa up would have IMMEDIATELY called Melissa from the salon and told her what that guy was saying, or when she saw the SAME guy at the fashion show, she would have IMMEDIATELY told him to leave because she would have known he was there for no good!!

  2. Yes I believe her. Also everyone who ever went to Lookers knows that Melissa was a dancer, not sure why she is even lying about this. I believe Kim D, with the help of Bravo set Melissa up to ensure a good storyline for season 5. Come on people the TRUTH is right there. After the season Teresa had, Bravo would certainly not give her this storyline….this was THEIR BABY…!!

  3. We are, the company we keep!! Kim D is white trash! All the money in the world can’t buy you class! Anyone who would honestly believe Teresa had nothing to do with the set up, is extremely naive!! Look at her body language when he confronts Melissa. She knew damn well what he was there to do!! Even if Melissa was a dancer in her past, It certainly doesn’t define who she is now! We all live & learn by our mistakes, It’s all part of being human!

  4. I think the house is beutiful but feel its soo ignnarot for pple to compare it to Theresa please pple let the drama die out and stop feeding into it I bet all those that are commenting would die to have a house like Theresa, I just hope and pray they can both financial keep there homes with economy being the way it is you never know and it seems like Melissa likes to spend money she doesnt make but I guess becuz hubby is footing the bill its ok, but Joe need to stop being a yes man and cap the the b**** on how she spends it cuz unlike Theresa and Joe Melissa and her hubby only have one income not two, owe but my bad she is going to be a singer lol like I said one income!!!!

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