Kim D Accuses Teresa Giudice Of Cheating On Joe; Teresa Responds

The drama in Jersey is back! Kim D is insisting that Teresa Giudice has a new man while her husband Joe is away at Fort Dix, surviving his 41-month sentence.

That’s right, an insider tells US Weekly that Teresa and her four daughter’s are living a normal life. “They’ve adjusted to life without Dad in the house. Teresa has them all stay busy to keep them distracted,” the source said, adding that Teresa allegedly has a secret romance with a New Jersey businessman and claims she “hasn’t visited Joe in prison for a few months.”

So what does Kim D have to say? “They’ve been pretty cozy I’m going to say in the last five months,” she tells the site, but she adds she doesn’t blame Teresa, because Joe is known for cheating. “I think Teresa has every right to go out and find somebody else. She should leave Joe.”

But Kim insists she learned of the relationship from two separate people. “She should be with somebody else,” she claimed. “She should divorce Joe.”

Teresa’s attorney, James J. Leonard Jr., Esq issued a statement saying his client “vehemently denies these allegations. They are 1,000 percent false and have been manufactured by attention-seeking lowlifes who have no moral compass. The only man in Teresa’s life is Joe Giudice. Period. End of story.”

Photo Credit: Bravo