Kim And Kyle Richards Attend Brooke’s Wedding In Mexico


Kim Richards has been in a rehab facility for close to a month now, but this weekend she was able to make it down to Mexico for her oldest daughter Brooke Brinson’s wedding. Lucky for us, Paris Hilton captured a lot of her cousin’s wedding and shared it on her Instagram account.

Kyle and Kim can be seen in a video Hilton posted, standing together cheering with the bridal party, as well as posing for photos with all of the girls.

Video From #ParisHilton Snapchat (RealParisHilton) #WiederWedding

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#BridesMaids 💖 A photo posted by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on

Love my gorgeous family!! 👯👯👯👰👩👩👩👩👸 #WiederWedding

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Kim looked great and seemed to be doing well in this video Paris posted of her giving a speech to her daughter and Thayer. For me, as a mother, I just want to tell you there’s nothing that feels better in my heart that when I’m not with my daughter that she’s with you.”

One special person that was not able to attend the wedding was Brooke’s father Monty. “…For health reasons I wasn’t able to attend, but I’ve still been blessed that I was able to walk her down the aisle in August,” he wrote. “All the family and friends will be there but I will to in spirit. My prayers have been answered with my daughter having her dream wedding what more could a father ask for… I love you Brooke. Now have a beautiful wedding and just know I’m right there with you.”

Check out more photos from the wedding below.

Ring bearer and flower girl Portia who was so excited 🌸

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The beautiful bride @brookewiederhorn having a relaxing moment . I love you so much 💝

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My everything 💛 #wiederwedding

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Congrats to the bride and groom!

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25 Replies to “Kim And Kyle Richards Attend Brooke’s Wedding In Mexico”

  1. I hope Brooke and her Husband had a beautiful day and are on a wonderful honeymoon. She is a lovely girl. I wonder if they are going to reside in Southern Cal. Thayer likely has a lot of choices as to where he lives and can still be a part of the family business. Maybe they would benefit from living away from the “family” for a few years to start their life together. Just move away kids. There is no reason not to and planes can take you anywhere you want to go. I’m sure everyone wishes them the best.

      1. They could move if they wanted to. How nice for them, genuinely, that they have enough money to travel and probably live anywhere in the world. I have only read a few articles about the Hilton Real Estate Brokerage, so I was wondering if he has offices all over. I think there are Fatburger offices all over, and I think they have more than fat burgers in Brooke’s new husband’s family. It would be so fun for them to go back East or something. After growing up in the West it could be an adventure for them. I wish them every happiness.

  2. All of the drama that went before this 2nd wedding disgusted me but I have to admit the pics (with all of the kids to include the bride and groom) do look lovely and it it seemed like a happy occasion. It’s sad about Monty but good that he has his happy memories from the first wedding and was able to walk her down the aisle.

  3. OMG!!! (Gossip, gossip–just read on TMZ Kim was drunk again)! Now Brooke isn’t speaking with her….just gossip on TMZ…no other reports so far…

  4. Supposedly Kim hasn’t returned to rehab as scheduled and her sober coach quit… This rumors should be easily proved true or not.

    1. I REALLY think she did it on purpose, this time. I think it’s her way of staying in the limelight. I’ve known people like that and read about that type of behavior. They crave attention. I can’t think of any other reason, if the rumors are true, that Kim would AGAIN make an @ss out of herself and ruin Brooke’s wedding. Maybe Kim will kick a cop in Mexico and find out there ARE repercussions for her actions.

  5. Those bridesmaid poses just crack me up – so trying to be sexy and so not succeeding. Someday those girls will look at their old pictures and ask themselves what they were thinking at the time.

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