Kenya Says Porsha Disgraced Her Grandfather’s Charity!

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog after her fight with Porsha Stewart at the charity event. Kenya explains why she felt disrespected and uncomfortable, and also says that Porsha tarnished her grandfather’s legacy by her actions at the event. She explains why her title as Miss USA means so much to her and more! Read what Kenya had to say below!

Kenya writes:


I didn’t know what was more offensive at that awkward lunch; the barrage of inappropriate personal questions from a complete stranger, the lack of sensitivity from a self-centered, immature, shallow little girl of 31, or the poor representation of a well-respected Atlanta charity. She even manages to insult NeNe, Phaedra, and Kandi by saying, “They just show up to take pictures and leave!” I was uncomfortable but nonetheless, still agreed to attend what I thought was a respectable charity event.


Why would anyone stand in front of a crowd under the pretense of charity wearing a $4,200 dress and receive personal gifts of a $4,000 Chanel handbag and have the audacity to ask people to donate money? This tacky, deplorable spectacle literally made my stomach turn, and I no longer desired to remain a party to this and wanted to leave immediately. Once the host took the microphone and cavalierly announced my hard earned title as “Miss America,” AND once corrected rolled her eyes, I was officially disrespected and done.

Disturbingly, the host prides herself on being a glorified gold digger and self-proclaimed “princess.”  She not only manages to single handedly disgrace her grandfather’s charity (The Hosea Williams Foundation), tarnish HIS legacy in one fell swoop, and spit in the face of all the people who are struggling in this RECESSION and in need of food, shelter, and immediate relief. After witnessing this distasteful spectacle, I’m sure there are many people that would never want to support such a charity if this is their representative. You can fix a lot of things, but you cannot fix stupidity.


Many people have confused my title and it doesn’t offend me. However, in this instance, the blatant disrespect and disregard for my time and accomplishments that night did not fall to the wayside. When your claim to fame rests on the laurels of someone else’s achievements, you will never understand what it is like to earn or be anything great in life, sadly limited to a wife of… or granddaughter of… embarrassment of…

The truth is, I am a part of history and proud of that FACT. The year matters not. Long after I’m gone, my title will remain. I’ve worked hard my entire life from the age of 14. Being from a broken home in Detroit, I struggled to survive and my grandmother kept me off the streets with pageants. I was a gifted student, I am self-made, and 19 years later, I am now a successful businesswoman, film producer, actor, and author. However, my story is still being written.

I hope that people remember me as a compassionate, sincere, assertive, honest woman who took pride in a name because it is all we have. Our name, our reputation, what we stand for, lives we positively changed, doors we’ve opened for others, and the compassion we share is our living legacy. Miss USA is a part of my legacy. I earned my place in history and I wear my title and crown, both figurative and literal, proudly.”

Tell Us- Do you agree with Kenya?

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2 Replies to “Kenya Says Porsha Disgraced Her Grandfather’s Charity!”

  1. After watching the show from the beginning, it has becoming more and more clear to the group that I watch the show with that money does not make a person(s) no more than who they are inside. These rich people are a disgrace to the Black community everywhere, even in our state of Mississippi. And to think, they think Mississippians are poor, stupid and dumb with no class. At the very least, we would never display their type of behavior in public for everyone to see, much less on television. Reputation is who others perceive you to be, character is who you really are inside. How was BRAVO able find such a large group of Black people in one city with no class willing to humiliate each other for money? If I did not like the company of a person, you can bet what they are getting paid, I would never associate with that person or even be in their company. Finally, Nene needs to stop
    demeaning her husband Greeg since he got her off the stripping pole without a pre-nup.

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