Kenya Moore’s WWHL Interview With Andy Cohen


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore sat down with Andy Cohen Sunday night for an exclusive interview on what happened at the reunion taping and her fight with Porsha Williams.

Telling Moore that the majority of viewers have taken Porsha’s side after the fight, Kenya says, “I don’t know if it’s surprising… it’s sad. I think when you take someone’s side of someone who has attacked someone and for someone to say ‘she made me do it or she deserved that,’ I think it’s a sad commentary for people who would take her side in that.”

“I think by definition, a bully is someone who torments a weaker person,” Kenya says when Andy asked her if she believes she was bullying Porsha. “I think that term is not appropriate here.”

“I don’t think the props had anything to do with being provocative at all,” Moore says. “I think there was a plan in place prior to the reunion to come attack me.”

“I think to say that the props were brought to antagonize Porsha is silly,” Kenya shares. “I didn’t have a problem with Porsha this entire year. We’ve never gotten into a huge knock-down, drag-out fight. She wasn’t someone I even planned to have an issue with at the reunion. My issues were with NeNe and my issues were with Phaedra. Porsha was not even a thought to me.”

“When Porsha first started out, she came with lies,” Kenya responds when asked if she can understand how her props taunted Porsha. “She said that I paid not one, but two African men to play my boyfriend on the reunion, which is not true. And I have proof of that.”

Kenya explains that the report of her paying Nigerian singer D’Banj $40,000 to play her boyfriend at the reunion is a lie. Moore says since Williams couldn’t match what she was saying with her wit or intellect she reverted to getting physical, and that her props are something for Porsha to blame her “irrational, unstable behavior” on.

Next, Andy showed Kenya a clip of Porsha’s interview last week where she said that Kenya owes her an apology too. “I think she’s a person that is incapable of showing contrition, she is not remorseful for what she did,” Kenya says. “I don’t think someone who was attacked should apologize for being attacked.”

When asked what she thinks of her co-stars taking Porsha side, Kenya says, “I think they are contrariant. Every time you look around they are saying they don’t condone violence. But they do.”

Kenya goes on to tell Andy, who tries to look at the situation objectively, to re-watch the reunion, and that Porsha started the argument with a “lie” that Kenya was paying someone to be her boyfriend. “They came to attack me,” she insisted. “What I said and what I did was in reaction to that, but I stayed seated.”

“If I can be honest,” Kenya continues. “I don’t think you’ll even air it because it’s too honest. First off, the way that she fell to the ground, screaming and kicking like a two year-old after she attacked me, then to be constantly treated like a baby, coddled and treated like a wounded little bird. When that wounded little bird grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to the ground, clearly meaning to hurt me… that is not a wounded person that has been bullied. That is a person that intentionally came to do harm. She’s always been aggressive towards me, but people don’t remember those things. Or they refuse to see those things. How does a 32 year-old woman on a reality show that has a mouth the size of hers and the things that come out of her mouth ever say that she was bullied? To show flashbacks of that, that tempered the audience’s reaction. That’s the truth.”

“Had you leveled the playing field and shown the moments were she was aggressive towards me, you wouldn’t have gotten the reaction you did,” Kenya tells Andy. “You stacked the deck of cards against me.”

Next, Andy asks what the status of the legal case is for the fight. “We will have to go to court and the court will decide what her punishment will be,” Kenya says. “She broke the law, she attacked me and to add insult to injury, she won’t even apologize for her actions. Initially, I did reach out to her and her attorney to try and resolve it. I was met with ‘we’re going to try to sue you for aggravated assault.’ That’s someone who won’t take responsibility for what they’ve done.”

“What would it take for you to drop the charges against Porsha?” Andy asks.

“I think there’s such a lack of contrition, accountability, humility and decency for trying to blame me, when a person says ‘you made me do it,’ how could you drop the charges knowing they would do it again?” Kenya responds.

Next, the conversation turns to NeNe Leakes. Andy asks Kenya why she thinks NeNe doesn’t like her, and Moore responds, “I think NeNe is very threatened by me. I arrived on the show and the fact that the ratings have been through the roof, I’ve gotten a lot of attention. Maybe she doesn’t have the career she thought she would have, and her focus is now solely on Real Housewives. I think she is clearly threatened by my existence on the show. It’s really sad, because I was a good friend to her.”

What do you think about what Kenya said?

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24 Replies to “Kenya Moore’s WWHL Interview With Andy Cohen”

  1. Andy was clearly trying to appease the ratchet Porsha twitter stans , I do think Kenya was hypocritical in certain instances but for the most part she made her points about Porsha , The Viewers , and Production very well and on point . I do think Nene feels threatened by her as well , Kenya kind of came out of nowhere & hijacked this show .

    1. Nene may have a lot of faults but even she would not be jealous of a psychotic woman like Kenya. Kenya is clearly unstable and only looks for confrontations and aggression with the other women. She constantly provokes Phaedra by making a play for Apollo; she came on the reunion show using props to put down Porsha, like taking out a bull horn to address her – what person in their rational mind addresses another sitting close by with a bullhorn?? She went after Nene with a vengeance, calling her “jealous,” “Felicia,” and any other put-down that crossed her mind. The only one who gets along with Kenya is spineless Cynthia and only because she fell out with Nene, or else even Cynthia would probably give her the cold-shoulder. Kenya needs therapy and to leave RHOA for everyone else’s sake. And for us the audience because we’re sick of her.

  2. I keep saying this and will say this again: Porsha physically attacked Kenya, whether provoked with “weapons” (props) and words, yet all the women were verbally assaulting Kenya as well.

    NeNe needs to be taken down a notch financially by Bravo not paying her that ridiculous amount nor house lease, bring skanky Marlo back just to let her know Bravo calls this shots, not NeNe has been. Plus give all the other ladies raises and remove the fraud Fake-tra

  3. I think Kenya lacks contrition and humility and wants to be treated like a wounded bird. She is so disgusting. Every bad thing she said about Porsha can be said about her especially her big hateful mouth. Please send her back to the street corners of Detroit where she belongs.

  4. I have to agree with One Rotten Egg. No matter what props or verbal attacks someone makes, you don’t physically attack someone. While I think it was provoking during a heated moment that Kenya was using the props, Porsha needed to control herself.

    This is a reunion show. Things are going to get ugly, but Kenya is right. Your only weapons should be your words. Make sure you have evidence when an allegation is being tossed around. If Kenya was using the props near Porsha, I’m sure none of this would’ve been happening, but besides that, Porsha needs to be emotionally stable during the reunions

    1. Why did she target Porsha nene and Pradera said a lot worse things to and about porsha. She underestimated porsha. Porsha was a fool for falling out on the floor like a 2 year old. Kenya is far from the victim she likes to play.

  5. Kenya was right about Porsha being coddled and spoiled as evidenced when she threw her own mother out of her Master Bedroom. Hopefully this assault and arrest will help her grow up a little. But Kenya constantly belittled Porsha as seen in the show last night where in Mexico she gave everyone a book about the language but gave Porsha a “picture book”. Kenya needs to grow up a lot. That was mean and spiteful. I truly believe she is jealous of Porsha’s youth.

  6. Everyone keeps saying Porsha charged her. If I am not mistaken,Miss NOBODY actually stood up in Porsha’ s face after Porsha stood in front of Miss Ashy. If she had stayed seated ( hmm didn’t she get up in the Pillow Talk ) this wouldn’t have occurred. She is really pathetic if she thinks she didn’t torment Porsha this season. I almost wasn’t going to watch her and Andy last night to boost ratings but I wanted to see how she would spin the situation. Andy Cohen has no backbone why didn’t he bring up the beard issue , the picture book and calling her dummy or stupid the whole season. And the remark about the 2 African men I took it as African and Walter. I think they are both equally responsible.

  7. Thanks Jillijoe you said what I was thinking and I will not be watching if they bring this egotistical monster back next season.

  8. Kenya is dillussional. NeNe is not threatened by her. She must stop flattering herself. It’s actually the other way round. She is envious of NeNe, always copying her. E.g repeat of pillow talk. Or befriending Marlo (Nene’s friend). What about the sudden friendship with Cynthia. She wants NeNe’s life. SAD. Yes, Porshas wrong for getting physical but Kenya needs to take responsibility for her role regarding the fight and stop playing the innocent victim. She is also abusive. Remember pulling NeNe by her ear. She needs to be checked

  9. Kenya WhoreMoore has nothing to add to the show. Shes no ‘housewife’….not even a good mistress! Does she even work?!

    At least Kim Z. had big poppa and didn’t have to rent no Bentley. I’ll at least give her that.

    Kenya’s about as ratchet as they come. Crawl back to your crack hole on 8 Mile!

  10. Have you folks supporting Kenya ever had a megaphone used that close to your face?

    “Holding the megaphone properly is important because you do not want to drop the heavy, expensive piece of equipment. You also want to ensure your message is clearly heard by your audience without damaging the eardrums of those immediately around you.”
    Read more:

    Seems if yelling in someone’s face through a megaphone is a violent act that can injure the victim. As such, Porsha, the victim, has every right to defend herself and, IMHO. should have gone upside Kenya’s head with the megaphone.

  11. Kenya is dillisional as they come she stirs the and then when someone give it back she becomes the victim. I agree you should never put your hands on people. But we have all been there where you kind of loose it and sometimes you just see red. Kenya instigated the situation at pillow talk and did the same at the reunion I did not think the props should have been used even Cynthia kept backing up when she was swinging that septa. Final thought dillisional dillisional and stop always playing the victim Kenya. I hope they bring Porsha back.

  12. Kenya is entirely too old to be acting so childish. She is always calling Porsha a little girl but Kenya acts like a child. She sounds ignorant and stupid herself for saying “she said it first, she started it, that was after she said it to me first”. If the props were all fun and games why did she only direct towards Porsha and not Nene or Pradera those whom she says she had a problem with. #ShadyKenya

  13. Hold up Porsha said quite a bit with nene and phadrea before the props were even used against Kenya. She ran out of material and couldn’t use her words. Kenya was attacked yet people what her to own it and apologize where they do that at? I think the Kenya haters are alive and thirsty for anything against Kenya

    1. Exactly !!! When a woman is Beautiful AND Poised / Well Spoken it really riles up the Ratchets lol that’s why they all side with Nene / Porsha / & Fakedra lol

      1. And I agree! She is a beautiful woman that’s why she won the title Miss USA! WHEN U HAVE GOD GIVEN NATURAL BEAUTY SOME PEOPLE BECAUSE INSTANTLY JEALOUS

        1. There is a big difference between physical beauty and what’s inside your heart. Kenya is beautiful but her beauty is only skin deep.

    1. Christopher who diagnosed her you. The last I checked Kenya holds a master’s in psychology that’s why she’s able to use her skills on the other women and their threated by it along with her looks.

  14. Well In my opinion kenya spoke very very intelligent to those of us who understand on that level. Seems like everyone forgets How kenya was looking for friendship in the ladies but unfortunately was met with hate words cutting low below the belt. Now that kenya is going for their juggler vein they can’t take the pressure LOL! ALL EXCEPT KANDI AND CYNTHIA. KUDOS TO MISS USA!!!!

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