Kenya Moore’s Gone With The Wind Fabulous Music Video!

Kenya Moore

Sunday, after an all new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Andy Cohen debuted Kenya Moore’s ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous’ music video on Watch What Happens Live! The video begins with a reenactment of Porsha Stewart’s fight with Kenya on the cast trip to Anguilla. However this time, Porsha is played by a drag queen. The intro sequence to the video mocks some of Porsha’s “ditzy” comments, and then features Kenya signing ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous’ and even imitates Beyonce’s famous ‘Single Ladies’ dance! Watch Kenya’s music video below.

What do YOU think of Kenya’s ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous’ music video? 

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


8 Replies to “Kenya Moore’s Gone With The Wind Fabulous Music Video!”

    1. You said it correctly. Kenya is an embarrassment to African American women who are educated, professional and classy.

  1. This crazy, ugly, fake, insecure woman is a complete disgrace to the MsUSA industry. You could not find a worse role model for young women anywhere. For me, she is diffcult and boring to watch. She is so desperate and needy – not something I ever want any woman to imulate. She is full of hate as well. What a loser. She needs real therapy-not reality tv with Bravo and Andy. This is destroying any chance of likeability this nutcase could have. But then, I think Andy hates women and loves watching them self-destruct all for their moment on his shows.

  2. I guess I’m in the minority but I thought it was funny.
    I suppose the lady walking in the church with saggy boobs was suppose to be Phaedra. That was hilarious.

    I think had it been just a little better produced she could have started a catch phrase for young girls (“I’m Fabulous”) to use whenever someone says something mean to them.

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