Kenya Moore’s Ex-Boyfriend Matt Jordan Punches Driver In The Face

The relationship between Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore and her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan took a dark turn on this week’s episode. The couple failed to get back together after Jordan kicked-in Moore’s garage-door window and walked out on a conversation with her father.

However, the two were keeping in contact and Cynthia Bailey’s ex Peter Thomas invited Jordan to the opening of his new club in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kenya was scheduled to host the event.

“Matt needs his guy time, and the last thing I want to do is alienate him from his friends,” she explained. But as the event came closer, Kenya started changing her mind. “I realized, ‘You know what, Matt — you have not worked a minute on yourself,’” she said. ‘You are not in the head space to be around me, let alone in a public setting where we arguing could probably ruin Peter’s opening night.’” Moore told Thomas, who had paid for Jordan’s airfare, to cancel the ticket.

But someone Matt didn’t get the message. When he arrived at the airport, his ticket wasn’t there and he took to social media to express his anger. “Guess who cancels my ticket? Kenya Moore,” Jordan told his followers in an angry video before telling them he’d be driving down to Charlotte to attend the event regardless.

He also started sending scary texts to a scared Kenya. “He’s threatening me to come back to him or he’s going to go ham,” Moore explained to Cynthia.

“I promise I’m going to make it my business that you never want to talk to me again,” Jordan wrote. “Do anything to manipulate any situation from this point on and I promise you on every fiber of my being, you’ll regret every move you’ll make. Call the police, I promise you’ll regret it. Flirt with another guy, I promise you’ll regret it. Come to me humble and open your arms.”

Kenya debated not going to the opening of Club One, but she ultimately decided to honor her commitment to Peter. “I made a commitment to Peter,” she said. “This is a professional booking. And I’m not going to make any man intimidate me where I don’t show up for work.”

At first there was no sign of Jordan at Peter’s club, but as soon as Moore’s vehicle arrived, he showed up and approached the car. “I want to talk to you,” he said. Moore told the driver she did not want to talk to Jordan.

“Hey this guy walking up is dangerous!” she told the driver. “Matt, why are you here? Stop, stop! Matt, what the hell? Don’t let him in the car!”

Matt then looked in the driver’s window and hit the driver.

“He came over to the car, he looked in , and he hit him!” Moore said. “He’s crazy. He’s unstable. I’m sick of this stupid sh*t.”

Peter came to help Kenya while Joran fled the scene. Later, Peter and Kandi Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker called Matt to see what happened. “Matt the whole idea was for you to come and we chill as men — me, you, and Todd,” Thomas said. “But now that you’re punching the driver in the face, you just took it to a whole ‘nother level.”

Jordan claimed he hit the driver as an act of self-defense. “I walk up to the driver to look in, to be like ‘Kenya let me talk to you’ [and] he rolls my neck up in the window,” Jordan said. “So I slap that bitch ass n—– in the face.”

“Every time I make an attempt, I get moved or manipulated,” he continued. “She call me back when it’s convenient for her. And then when I come back, she tell me to shoo, go away. Tell her to leave me alone.”

Cynthia advised Kenya to end things with Matt for good. “I think this is a point where you just have to let this go, Kenya — like for real,” she said. “He can’t come play with the dogs, he can’t do none.”

“I never thought Matt would drive three and a half hours and 200 miles to force me to talk to him,” she said. “He’s showing me nobody is going to protect you from me. That’s the message he’s trying to send. I think I’m really left with no choice but to not communicate with Matt. Something is just not clicking and it’s a shame because he has so much potential.”

Watch the explosive scene below:

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6 Replies to “Kenya Moore’s Ex-Boyfriend Matt Jordan Punches Driver In The Face”

  1. Umm this is scary! Matt is OBVIOUSLY unhinged and this would be where I exit stage left from the relationship. Wow, punched a stranger in the face – he should be prosecuted!

    1. In his defense, the driver rolled the window up on his neck when he looked inside of Kenya’s car to speak to her. Not saying he’s entirely right, but a lot of other factors that transpired beforehand lead me to believe she definitely was playing up the drama for the cameras, all so she can continue her Lifetime Television- “Women In Peril” – Movie of the Week narrative for her storyline.

  2. No woman deserves to be abused by a man. However, Matt is correct in that Kenya is playing with him. He is explosive and she knows how to pull his trigger! If she does not leave him alone for good, it will be to her detriment, story line or not!

  3. Hate to say it, but playing hostess is a real booking for the reality tv circuit. The opening was a real thing, my sister attended while guesting with good friends who live in that area (they are her former neighbors, their small children are still close, etc.) When these night clubs and restaurants open by business owners in the AA community, it’s very common to pay appearance fees for popular reality stars as a crowd draw.

    To be honest, most shows filming in Atlanta are usually on the lower pay scale of reality tv land (even though the girls on RHoHa make very good money): so the normal practice there is to parlay your tv recognizability into shoring up your brand identity for yourself host/hostessing events in bars, clubs, restaurants and bringing in your core audience to spend $$$..the money is VERY good and offset by sponsors, ticket sales, reserved table sales and exorbitant liquor prices for the evening ( particularly by bottle sales). This is how the Kardashians initially amassed so much money before they had the clout to become spokesmodels and start branding themselves: club appearances. Outside of A list celebrities, they have been at the top of that hierarchy for years, but a Housewife usually falls somewhere mid-tier, earning anywhere from ten to fifty for an event.

    Now with all of THAT, it doesn’t change the fact that I think Matt is young, dumb, and angry, and Kenya manipulates the hell out of him, because, well, she’s Kenya. it#s a terrible combination. Still, there has to be something wrong with a woman who’s nearly 50 and still complaining that she cannot find love, and has a father that has said clear as day on national tv that she chases men away. Seeing her in an actual relationship with Matt it’s becoming clearer what the problem in her relationships actually is, and it’s spelled K-E-N-Y-A. After all, who gives the “yes” for their on again-off again mate to fly out of town to an event where they’re appearing, only to change their mind conveniently just before they arrive to the airport??? Ishe did that purposely to push his buttons as the older, richer, person who has all the power and control in the relationship. She’s full of bull, and plenty of female viewers her age have checked out her game and called her out on this.

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