Kenya Moore’s Dog Velvet Dies


In a shocking and sad twist of events during Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore revealed that she tragically lost her beloved dog, Velvet. Kenya had Velvet for seven years and it was clear during the episode that she wasn’t taking the loss well. Kenya shared that Velvet was attacked and killed by a neighbor dog, even explaining that the other dog had Velvet in its mouth. Kenya decided to tell Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey about her loss and invites them to a memorial service she is planning for Velvet.

Preview: Velvet’s Memorial Service

Revealing that she was still sad about losing, Velvet, Kenya took to Twitter to reveal she would not be live tweeting during the episode. “#Teamtwirl I can’t tweet tonight as I’m not strong enough yet 2 watch the upcoming episodes or talk about them. I thank u 4 your love #RHOA,” Kenya wrote.


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  1. Oh Kenya, I am so sorry about your little Velvet. It was horrible what happened. My heart and prayers go out to you. You have to go get another puppy. Once again, I am so sorry you have to go through this.

  2. I do feel terribly sorry for Kenya upon the loss of her dog, Velvet. She obviosly loved and cared for her. I hope that this loss encourages her to re-assess how she treats others. Her Mom sounds crazy, but also left a horrible rift in Kenya’s psychological makeup. The problem is that being as mean, lying and nasty as she has been is her problem to acknowledge and work on. Maybe, she can honor Velvets’s memory and work on herself. We’ll be watching.

  3. Kenya
    My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Velvet was part of your family and the loss is so hard, she will always be with you and Velvet will be waiting for you across the rainbow bridge and she will be by your side when its time once again.

  4. Kenya, I am so sorry for your loss. (Hug) Velvet was adorable and we all know how much you loved her. She will be missed.
    All Dogs go to Heaven you know!

    1. Kenya I am so deeply sorry for your loss! Velvet was a precious baby and she will be missed by you as well as so many others. Hearing of her passing brought me to tears! I have a 7 year old Yorkie and she is like one of my children. I really enjoyed the Atlanta house wives episodes when Velvet was shown. Prayers are with you and Velvet.

  5. Oh man, I am such a fan of the show and actually haven’t always had positive feelings toward Kenya but I seriously cried when I watched her heartbroken over Velvet on this episode. I don’t think there is anyone who could not feel her pain in some way no matter how you feel about her choices with the ladies. I am so sorry Kenya. Poor lil Velvet seemed so sweet and fun to watch. No one deserves that.

  6. Kenya, I am so sorry for your loss of Velvet, I can feel your pain. I have a little yorkie and I know when the time comes, it will be very hard for me. I will keep you in my prayers. Please ask God for strength; he will give it to you. Stay strong.

    I watch your show every week and repeats during the week and I just want to say, last night was the saddest show for me.
    Love you and the show

  7. I gasped and burst into tears watching the show last night. I’ve never done that before.

    I felt this poor woman’s pain as though it was my own. I looked over at my own little shitzu Walter and thought oh my God. I would fall apart if anything so horrid happened to my own. Watching your beloved baby being eaten by another is seriously some psychological damaging event.

    You’re in my prayers. ((((((Kenya & Velvet))))))

    Animals go to the other side as well. You’ll be together again, not too worry about that.

  8. Kenya I am so deeply sorry for your loss! Velvet was a precious baby and she will be missed by you as well as so many others. Hearing of her passing brought me to tears! I have a 7 year old Yorkie and she is like one of my children. I really enjoyed the Atlanta house wives episodes when Velvet was shown. Prayers are with you and Velvet.

    1. Now this comment is VERY INSENSITIVE! Things happen. Accidents happen to children as well! It is not easy being a great parent! NOBODY is PERFECT!

      1. It is not insensitive, rather an opinion. There is compansion for Velvet, but it is difficult to show compasion for someone who does not show compansion or respect to others and that would be Kenya.

        1. Well what I was trying to say was that at a time like this It Was a little harsh! Just a little. And besides Kenya is Competition for Ms Leakes! And Nene. Doesn’t like it! LOL

  9. I just don’t believe this story that Kenya told about her dog Velvet. Kenya has learned the art of lying to draw sympathy and I would not put it past her to fabricate this dramatic story after all she loves drama.

    If her dog was chewed up by another dog, why is there no other story prior to her televised version of this event happening. A killer dog is news in everyone’s neighborhood and word would have gotten out. Her dog probably died of natural causes and Kenya exaggerated this story for the show. We know everything about Kenya has to be bigger than everyone else’s. Her butt, her eyes, her mouth, her house – whatever!

    1. I agree that it probably is a huge publicity stunt on her part to get sympathy because most normal people do not like her. She should stop portraying herself as a hateful, jealous,desperate, negative person.

    2. Sounds like a a Kenya Hater to me! And. This comment is very INSENSITIVE at a time like this! WOW! Maybe you will receive the same type of support during your time of grief!

      1. It sounds like someone who is not blinded by the fact that this woman has been a hellraiser on the show and has not shown compassion or respect for others. BTW she was so distraut and her face was fully made up including lashes while trying to squeeze out tears. Again, I am sad for Velvet but for Kenya… not so much!

    3. I totally agree. And as we know now, it may have been a set up. The truth will come out. Hopefully for the dog’s sake, it was a fabrication. If Kenya lied, all those comments of sympathy from fans is just shameful on her part.

  10. sweet Kenya… I am horribly upset about your loss. Remember it is ok to grieve no matter how that is. People will give advice on your situation. Get another dog if, and when u want. Take time to care for yourself.. My son died and I guarantee he is taking care, and loving on velvet as I speak. My heart breaks for you. Focus on your own personal care and take the advice from others as just advice. Kenya is the only one who knows how you feel and where to go from here. Please take care of Kenya and I have you in my prayers every day. You will be ok,….just get there on YOUR time. It is ok to grieve as long and however it takes you do that. My love, Kelly jo


  12. Kenya, I am sorry that Velvet passed however perhaps you will see that your ugly behavior has consequences. Prayerfully, you will now have compassion for your cast members and behave with honor. Rest in peace Velvet.

    1. Karma I don’t see any of the other cast members show her compassion first Namely Nene! Then everyone else follow. Shes very manipulative and Controlling! She likes attention and lots of it!

      1. Marie, why would any other cast memner show her any compassion? She is not portraying herself as a kind, empathetic person. She wants to become relevant beyond her “straight to video” movies; “rent a man”; disrespect to other married couples shall I go on. She is jealous of the other cast mates especially Nene and that is that. I am done! Continue to be a fan to this type of behavior. It takes all kinds……

  13. Kenya! I just finished watching the episode of your tragic loss of Velvet! I am deeply sorry for your loss! I have a lil dog..Daisy May & she is my pride & joy! I grabbed her to hold her as I cried watching the episode! I often get scared that what happened to Velvet would happen to my sweet Daisy May! I’m over protective of her..wherever I am she is right there beside me! I can’t even begin to know what it’s like to not have her right beside me! But your Aunt is right..God took her for some reason & maybe it is to make room for a new life! I wish you all the best & hope with time you will heal! Please know that I’m thinking of you & your sweet Lil Velvet! Take care & be strong! You are a very strong woman & you will get through this even though I’m sure right now you don’t feel as though you can..Velvet is in heaven always looking down protecting her Momma! I hope as time goes on you will get enough courage to welcome a new lil dog in your life! XOXOXO

  14. I have heard this didn’t really happen. All I can say, if it did, my heart goes out to you for you terrible loss. If it’s a publicity stunt, May you rest in hell. You ARE NOT my favorite but I wouldn’t wish this on my WORSE enemy. RIP Velvet. And my prayers are with you Kenya, IF ITS TRUE!!!

  15. So sad this little dog got killed. I am really sad over it. I loved watching Velvet and her little ears one up and one down. She was just precious. You’ll see her again Kenya, on the other side.

  16. Kenya I am so, so very sorry for your loss of Velvet, I too had a Yorkie named Sam who looked exactly like Velvet and he passed away and I too am your age and I still have no children and my baby Sam was like my child as Velvet was to you and it has been 2 years since he passed and it seems like yesterday, as I watched the funeral of Velvet I cried so hard watching you hurt so badly for Velvet and how you didnt want to let her go because I know exactly how you feel girl, I will be praying for you Kenya and just know in your heart that one day you will cross the rainbow bridge and see your precious Velvet once again.

  17. I am so sorry for your loss Kenya. I cried so hard when I saw your pain. Losing a dog is so hard. They easily become as close as family. I know she will be waiting for you on the other side. She was precious and mommy’s little girl. Surround yourself with those who lift you up in this time of need rather than those who tear you down. And people show some compassion for this grieving woman. She just lost someone very close to her. Just remember that time heals all. Though you will never forget your sweet girl you will be able to move on in time.

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