Kenya Moore’s Boyfriend Eugene Casciaro Has History Of Violence


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore may have been unlucky when it comes to love in the past, but she seems to be head over heels for her new boyfriend, Eugene Casciaro. However, a new report reveals that Casciaro has a dark history of violence.

In 2007, Casciaro was arrested and charged for simple assault/battery and making terroristic threats at a high-end Atlanta restaurant, terrifying an innocent couple and causing chaos in the eatery. The police were called to sushi hot spot Geisha House after being alerted to Casciaro’s disruptive behavior.

RadarOnline obtained police reports where Victim Grady Luckey revealed that as he was eating dinner with his then-girlfriend, Casciaro “told Mr. Luckey that he was ‘going to f***ing kill him,’” the responding officer wrote in his incident report. “He also said that ‘Even if you two get married tomorrow, I’d still like to kill you… I’ll kill every f***ing person in here.’”

When Luckey asked him to stop threatening him, the volatile Casciaro “then struck [him] in the back of his neck multiple times,” the officer added.

When cops spoke with the angry assailant, “he was being very uncooperative and had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person,” the officer claimed in the papers. “[He] was arrested and charged accordingly.”

When contacted by Radar for comment, Luckey said he had never met Casciaro prior to the attack.

“He was at a table across from us, drunk and blabbering,” he told the site. “He was talking about how he was going to kill somebody, about how he was going to kill “that guy right there,” pointing at me.”

“I was eating a piece of sushi, and the next thing I know, I was being punched in the face!” he recalls. “He said, ‘You don’t know who I am! You don’t talk to me like that!’”

“My girlfriend was so upset,” Luckey says. “That was not on the agenda for the evening. I’m not the type to instigate fights.”

The charges against Casciaro were later dropped for unspecified reasons.

His smile though… #happy

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