Kenya Moore Thinks NeNe Leakes Is Jealous And Threatened By Her


When Kenya Moore appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, she revealed to a caller that she believes NeNe Leakes is jealous of her position on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “Knowing what I know and knowing what I’ve experienced and what you will see throughout the season, yes, I think she’s threatened [by] my position on the show. I think that’s the better wording. I don’t back down on her. I came in last season, when I feel like she had moved on from the show. She had all these other jobs, and now that she doesn’t…I think she kind of views me as her replacement. I think that’s what’s causing her to flip on me, because she doesn’t have the Hollywood jobs anymore.”

“It’s unfortunate, because I think there’s enough room for everyone,” she continues. “I think we all have blessings coming our way, and what’s meant for you is meant for you. You can’t go out of your way to try to sabotage people and do the things that she’s tried to do to me while on the show that I will save for the reunion, because it’s a lot of tea.”

“I was a NeNe fan,” she says. “We were very friendly. I was happy with the way our friendship was developing. And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she just attacks me. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    Kenya is a beautiful woman on the surface but she has an ugly, selfish heart. She has done nothing but cause trouble since she started on this show and if anyone is jealous it is Kenya. Now this BS of her wanting a baby is nothing more than a storyline for her and I feel sorry for any child of hers.

    • Oscar

      I actually agree with her….. Nene has turned on Kenya for no reason… Nene is digging for all and any argument that will put the blame of the fight on Kenya…. Nene is showing her true colors….

    • Yes yes yes preach sister,my sentiments exactly, n NENE isnt jealous of apeface motherless KENYA, IF THATS WHAT ANDY WANTS HE CAN KEEP THAT SHOW, IM LIKE NENE BYE BYE RHOATL.

  • De ann

    Uh, no. NeNe is not jealous of Kenya!! Hahaha! I’m a white woman from south Ga & we ALL think NeNe is the bomb! That woman is beautiful, shapely, sexy, funny, and S.M.A.R.T. She tells it like it is. I’d like to see Ms Kenya in that blonde hair! Only NeNe can pull that off. Only NeNe makes sense and can make us laugh. Kenya cannot hold a candle to her! I used to think Sheree was the worst thing on the show. She was just a major nasty self entitled witch. Now Phaedra’s real real hard to watch because she’s so pompous. But Kenya is
    A. Really unattractive. Nothing pretty there at all
    B. the most incompetent person in an argument I’ve ever seen. Lord it’s embarrassing even
    C. Just totally delusional about all her perceived assets
    D . Mean as a snake

    • Olivia

      You are delusional if you believe that Nene is more attractive than Kenya. Seriously, there is no competion. Google Kenya Moore- the proof is in the pudding.

      ….and what does your race have to do with anything?

      • De Ann

        Google Kenya Moore? What difference does what Google says make? Like everyone else here, it’s just my opinion. I work with a bunch of other women, all Caucasian (except one) who just don’t get black women going blonde, especially that blonde….. But we all think NeNe can carry it off. That’s all, nothing more. Yes NeNe can act too gangsta sometimes, but the woman is a fast talker and really funny. I laugh out loud at her. She’s not perfect, but she’s REAL. I’m not a regular of Atlanta Housewives, But I do watch it fairly often. She has good common sense most of the time. From what I’ve seen of Kenya, she really doesn’t get along with anyone. And why does she keep wanting to upset Phaedra over how much she says Apollo wants her? And no, I do not NOT think that woman is attractive at all. Again, just my opinion & how some of us southern Ga women feel. Sheree was the very meanest of the meanest. And Phaedra used to be a lot nicer and a little more humble than she is now. I love Kandi, but I sure wish she would stand up to her mama. And I wish Cynthia would ditch Peter.
        So kill me. I could be wrong all the way around.