Kenya Moore Teases She Tries To Get The Truth Out Of Apollo Once And For All


Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on her Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mates. Kenya starts off by defending Marlo and explains how hurt Marlo was by NeNe’s behavior. Kenya also shares her thoughts on Porsha’s marriage to Kordell and says that Phaedra is blaming her for her husband’s infidelity. She teases that next week she tries to get an apology out of Apollo.

Kenya writes, “What grown woman threatens her friend to discontinue being friends with them because they don’t like him or her? I felt bad for Marlo, because she was always a good friend of NeNe’s and her biggest supporter and she really hurt her feelings. And the way she cursed out Cynthia who simply tried talking to her about Marlo… I thought her stripper days were behind her, but she is really showing her ass. They are both better off without her.

When a woman states she married a man to “erase” his “tainted” celebrity, I hear “I was his beard.” I’ve heard half a dozen accounts on what her marriage was, and it’s clear Porsha can’t keep up with her own statements. I don’t care about Kordell’s sexuality any more than I care about their marriage.  But I do care about the truth.  I’m not sure how one “slays mud” as Porsha said, but that damage was already done in the beginning of her divorce by calling Kordell 50 different gay queens. They were married less than 2 years and have both moved on. Now that she has to make a way for herself, I wish her well. Whether it’s a short-term marriage as theirs was, or a serious relationship, all teach us how to choose better partners. Hopefully, for the right reasons next time around.

There are varying degrees of shade. There is funny shade, warning shade, tea shade, and mean girl shade.  I’m the shade queen and no one throws shade better than me! With that said, I usually don’t hit below the belt with mean girl shade… dramatic pause… Unless someone hits me there first.

I love it when people criticize me for inquiring or commenting on someone’s marriage when I’m not married. Well, I don’t have to smoke crack to know that crack kills; I don’t have to jump off a bridge to know that I can drown; and I don’t have to marry someone for the sake of being in a bad marriage so that I can say I’m someone’s wife. A ring doesn’t define me. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I’d rather be unmarried or in a loving relationship than be in an arranged marriage or with someone who acts as though they can’t stand me half the time.

Phaedra’s immature name-calling is as tired as her blaming me for Apollo’s whorish ways. She has unjustly targeted me for her miserable marriage and unfaithful husband often calling me “manless.”  Taking a page from her playbook, any woman can get a man, all they have to do is visit a prison yard and get pregnant. I’m not the other woman for her to hate. In fact, she should be thanking me for not being interested in Apollo. I never was and I never will be. We know his eyes are never on her and that’s painful for any woman to experience. We have all been there and we all see who Apollo really is. Unfortunately, I don’t think she is capable of the truth or interested in facts, just slander.

In next week’s episode I try to get the truth out of Apollo once and for all, and the apology I deserve for the hateful lies. Wait for it…”

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4 Replies to “Kenya Moore Teases She Tries To Get The Truth Out Of Apollo Once And For All”

  1. Kenya you have definitely grown on me! Ii believe you are telling the thruth. I feel bad for Phaedra bc what you’ve said about her marriage to Apollo seems obvious! I especially want to commend you on the pajama party! I too would have handled the situatio the same way…. I don’t need a man to defend me nor do I back peddle just bc your man is there! You were awesome!

  2. Kenya is absolutely correct about phadera marriage! Well that’s what they get for throwing all of their marriages on a high pedestal! And putting her down for not being married! Hummmm! Kenya is taking notes from their failed marriages! You go Kenya! They don’t like you because you STAND up to them!

  3. You are so right my love Kenyaamore, take your time and luxuriate in your love life these bitches on HWOA are jealous of you.

  4. Kenya, really u should grow up…. leave Appolo alone because no matter if your beliefs of him being unfaithful are true or not. Why must you be the rat to chase the cheese. Leave people alone….. Then I wonder why you have to keep lying about your imaginary relationships… Is that why God won’t bless you with a man because you’re too busy worried about everyone else’s man and relationship….. Twirl that around…..

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