Kenya Moore Talks RHOA On WWHL


Kenya Moore appeared on WWHL Sunday night after an all new episode of RHOA. She caught up with Andy Cohen and answered viewer questions about the show and her cast mates.

The first caller asked Kenya why she felt like she had to attack Shereè. “I don’t think I went hard on Shereè. I think I was just answering the questions that were asked. Even on this episode, you saw Kandi talked about Porsha’s guy dating some transgender. She threw some insults my way, it went both ways.”

Another viewer asked Kenya why she’s always throwing so much shade at the other women. “I don’t come for people unless they come for me, it’s really that simple.”

Another caller asked Moore how she felt about Kim Fields’ response to her pilot and if she’s received any feedback yet. “Yeah you’ll watch it from the show. We had fun in the office. I don’t think she was intentionally throwing me shade, but I don’t know.”

As for what happened with Peter Thomas, Moore said, “Cynthia’s my friend and she called me first when all of the drama started. She was really hurt. She was truly in pain and to see him laugh about it, that wasn’t cool. I just thought it was in poor taste.”

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6 Replies to “Kenya Moore Talks RHOA On WWHL”

  1. That’s hilarious! Kenya commenting on poor taste. Like maybe starting s*ht at Cynthia’s party. Or being snarky to Kim F and sticking her greasy nose into Peters biz. Again at Cynthia’s party. Kenya sets an excellent example poor taste.

  2. Ummm…we all saw the show. It was VERY CLEARLY Kenya who started that fight, questioning the finances of someone she just met. I’m not saying She By SheBroke does not deserve to be called out, but if Cynthia is such a good friend, why is she starting mess at Cynthia’s function?

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