Kenya Moore Still Negotiation RHOA Contract Over New Husband

As we previously reported, Kenya Moore’s fate on The Real Housewives of Atlanta is in question because Bravo producers gave her an ultimatum regarding her new husband, Marc Daly. Kenya was told that either her new hubby films or she loses her job.

Now, Kenya is said to still be negotiating her contract. According to RadarOnline, Moore is “still going back and forth with producers over her new relationship being on the show.”

“She’s trying to use her relationship as leverage to re-negotiate her existing contract,” the insider added. “The network feels as though she’s using this as a tactic to get her salary in the same ballpark as NeNe [Leakes].”

“The return of original Housewives, Nene and Kim [Zolciak] has her feeling like she is grossly underpaid for what she brings to show,” the insider concluded. “Prior to her ‘wedding’ she had nothing else compelling going on in her to warrant a substantial pay raise.”

Nene is said to be getting paid $2 million for her return to the show, and Kim will return as a friend.

But Kenya has been on rocky terms with the network ever since she got married without telling anyone. She offered to film a second wedding for the cameras, but her gesture wasn’t enough to secure her spot for next season.

Kenya’s husband Marc, a Brooklyn-based restaurateur, has made it clear he has no desire to be on the show, according to reports.

Regardless, Moore finally filmed a scene during the Essence festival in early July.

Do you want to see Kenya appear on RHOA with her husband? Sound off below.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Andyg23

    Andy Cohen
    NO!! Get rid of Kenya, I’m a real housewives super fan I even MAKE my husband watch it with me but now I randomly watch RHOA because of her. I fast forward through all her scenes cause she makes me sick. She is very manipulative and I think she’s not called out cause she’s so good at twisting things around with her words. I feel bad for the men she tries to manipulate (Walter & Matt) she is trying too hard for a storyline at the expense of these men’s reputations. She wanted Phaedra off (even though it’s Phaedra’s own fault) she wants Porsha off, which I think she brings more to the show than Kenya. BUT with the return of NENE (NEYYYNEYYYY) she has met her match… Kenya will NEVER be queen of RHOA she’s not worth the same as Kim and NeNe they are the originals and there’s something to be said about the originals…. bye Kenya “be gone with the wind, nasty!!!” With your no storyline having self. Oh ya? What about her “businesses” if she’s and entrepreneur why hasn’t she prompted her stuff besides the empty shampoo products?? Her production company, such as????? She’s all lies!!!

    • DimeDiva

      Kenya needs to go. She does not offer anything! Boring. She is spiteful and hateful. SHE WILL NEVER BE NENE, NEVER! Nene brings the fire with grace and class. I will start watching the show again when Nene and Kim return. They are real housewives.

  • fola

    kenya moore brings a lot to that show, they need pay her more money……….

    • Dee

      Yes i love kenya she say what the other want to say but dont. Her and kandi can stay i don’t care if kim come back she just need money because her husband dont have a job….Nene i love too..i don’t think her husband need to come on the show bring your husband set the ball for divorce…look at all the shows and you tell me….more of the housewives end up with a lawyer and divorce following… FACT


  • Bon Vivant

    Not really a Kenya fan, detest the way she has made of mockery of other’s marriages on the show, and I actually think this may be karmic retribution for how she has treated other married couples in the past, though I wish her much success on her new journey as a wife.

    That said, I don’t believe any production company should require the participation of any husband if they don’t want to be part of the show. Shed Media & the Beverly Hills girls do just fine with limited participation from their men, and I think the newbies Dorit & Pukey learned last season that it’s a formula that works just fine without any tinkering. Outside of Apollo Nida being an authentic heel, True Media (on the other hand) has a solid track record of twisting narrative against African American men to play out harmful stereotypes and false pathologies on their show for ratings and press hype. I don’t blame Kenya’s husband for wanting to stay as far away from that clustermuck as possible. He could be an angel descended from heaven, and rest assured True Media will manifest an archetype that presents him to the world at large as pick-a-black-boogeyman. I’m over it.

  • Sasha

    If any other housewife did what Kenya is trying to do she would be the first big mouth to bash them for it. If it were Phaedra she would be calling her shady Phae Phae. Now who is being shady? What’s her new hubby hiding? Kenya either needs to open her REAL LIFE to the cameras or move on.