Kenya Moore SLAMS Phaedra Parks! Their Feud Rages On!

Kenya Moore

The feud between Real Housewives of Atlanta Stars Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks is far from over! This week Kenya is taking to her Bravo Blog to call out Phaedra’s “fake” behavior. Kenya says Phaedra is a fraud and an ugly person. She also says Phaedra photoshopped 30 pounds off of her Workout DVD Cover! Keep reading to see what else Kenya had to say!

Kenya writes, “Although the long, arduous bus ride left a lot to be desired, there was some fun to be had on the trip. I enjoyed Kandi and her silly storytelling, Cynthia’s impersonation of Kandi, and how light hearted most of the girls were being.  Conversely, I found it disturbing that a grown woman would admit that she needed permission from her husband to travel without him and seemingly was following his orders on what she could and could not do while there. With that said, people have to live their own lives, and whatever works for them is their business. Notwithstanding the facts, that’s not my idea of a picture perfect life.

The girls’ trip was very challenging for me. Keeping my cool, turning the other cheek, and going out of my way to make a concerted effort to be kind to all the ladies was my plan. However, it goes against my spirit to be phony and fake. For others like phony Phae-Phae, it’s second nature.  To add insult to injury, Phaedra in particular went out of her way to be an evil, vindictive, ugly person to me during the trip.  The last straw was the underhanded insensitive, and snide remark about my lack of sexual prowess when it comes to keeping my ex.  Yet, in the same breath she spitefully calls me a whore during her interviews.  On the one hand she calls herself a preacher’s daughter quoting the bible and proclaiming to be an upright Southern belle, and on the other hand in the same breath calls me a whore for not marrying my ex.

She is a fraud in every way imaginable, including her fictitious “Southern belle character” she plays on TV or the 30 pounds she Photoshopped off her photo from her DVD cover. FRAUD!  I shoot straight from the hip and do not play games. I’ve tried to settle our differences by communicating to Phaedra that we can’t pretend like there is no issue if we have any hope at ever resolving them. All the conscientious and intentional cruelty from Phaedra needed to be addressed before it could get any uglier.

Without losing my cool, I tried to explain that she took the disagreement to another level of the lowest kind by starting viscous, unfounded, and slanderous rumors about me. If she had an issue with me, she should have been woman enough to talk directly to me about it. Yet, she felt more comfortable being slick, underhanded, and malicious. Had she only admitted that she was wrong for her spiteful actions and apologized, we could have left the door cracked open for a friendship.  However, after pointless bickering back and forth, I realized that she would never give me what I wanted. Just as NeNe said, I saw her for the person she really is and not who she fraudulently pretends to be.”

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8 Replies to “Kenya Moore SLAMS Phaedra Parks! Their Feud Rages On!”

  1. really kenya? like why are u so starving to get back at phaedra tho? please just stop like ur track record isnt very good for people to flip and be on your side. im sorry but ur crocodile tears just dont fool me. best thing for kenya to do is just stop fix her rep and change for next season gosh =_=

  2. Kendra didn’t even have a REAL boyfriend – take about fake!!! I had to laugh when I read Phaedra had started…”viscous…rumors”. Really? Did she mean thick, sticky, glutenous rumors, or can’t she spell vicious?

  3. I love delusional people! That’s why Kendra is so entertaining! Kendra was hired as a consultant for Phaedra’s video project, yet she eventually flat out stole her idea and made her own video! She acts crazy and Phaedra says she thinks she is bi-polar! That was the big malicious lie Phaedra spread? And Kendra reacts like a crazy person would by attending an event dressed in a ridiculous get up attempting for mock Phaedra! She just looked like a fool even more! And she wants an apology? For what? Go on, Gone with the Wind Fabulous! We’re enjoying every crazy moment from you!

  4. Oh please would someone please tell me how you can be a housewife and you have NEVER been married? And if Peter had told Cynthia she could not go she would not have gone so yes Peter LET her go also. And Kenya please get a life of your own and leave these people alone. Stick with Cynthia, and NeNe the 3 of you are just alike trouble makers.

  5. I love me some Kenya , now Phaedra and Kandi on the other hand are no good
    Phaedra is so fake and playing like she is so christ like is a joke i don’t play with GOD.

  6. This whole overly exaggerated gunning for Phaedra is fake and also delusional. Because in my opinion all Phaedra did was not agree to be had bad by allowing kenya to produce the video and then call her bipolar for tripping out so bad when they didn’t choose her. However I blame Phaedra for not clearly explaining to kenya and the viewers that she did not HAVE to go with kenya as the producer simply because ANY business person and especially a lawyer would first do their own due diligence and see if her 100 thousand dollar quote was the going rate for filming a workout video. However Kenya exploded over the mere fact that they checked around for quotes just like you do with a car, or any very expensive endeavor or undertaking. Kenya should know this and should have expected it if she’s a Real prod/business woman. She was angered because she knew her price was inflated by around 80 thousand over. That’s huge. Phaedra could have and should have easily explained that yet she just looked stupid like she got caught checking prices instead of openly doing her rate quotes. The other thing is NOBODY asked Kenya to even go the extra mile, that she’s so mad about going to get the distribution deal. So why were Phaedra and apollo expected to just go with that too and therefore give her royalties forever. That’s just too much when all they asked her help in was the filming of the DVD. I would definitely have found my own distribution deal. Why do it with her so she’s forever attached to the sales and profit forever. Phaedra being an attorney should have been able to explain this simple matter to kenya and the viewers yet now Kenya is the victim!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!

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