Kenya Moore Slams Phaedra Parks After Production Deal On Workout Video Falls Apart!

Kenya Moore

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore is SLAMMING her cast mate Phaedra Parks in her Bravo Blog this week, after their production deal on Phaedra’s workout video fell apart. Kenya blames Phaedra’s greed and over-inflated ego, and says she would rather have a friend than a check. Kenya also claims that the distributor wasn’t impressed with Phaedra’s “name” or “physique.” Kenya also states no one was interested in Phaedra’s “gimmicky video.” Read more below!

Kenya writes, “I was Phaedra’s biggest fan and she was my confidant and my RHOA BFF. I truly thought the world of her, which makes this dispute over money more difficult to fathom. In our first meeting Phaedra stated “money was no object.” Yet, this entire falling out is simply over Phaedra’s pure greed, over-inflated ego, and her desire to exploit our friendship. It appears that everybody knows that Phaedra is shady except for me. She will try to sell you anything including a boldface lie with her “spin” tactics i.e. baby gate. We all heard Phaedra tell Kandi that she works for free all the time suggesting I should too. This statement from the woman who told Sheree she doesn’t work for free and gave her money back and who allowed an athlete to out lawyer her in court.

Let me do my job because I do it well. Phaedra, Apollo, and her attorney received an impressive package including a one sheet, budget, marketing materials, potential concepts and alternate taglines, projections and so forth. As a seasoned and successful film producer, I used my pre-existing relationships to vet a distribution deal for the video. I was not obligated to obtain a distribution deal. That is not what a production company does. We are ONLY paid to produce (make) a product (video) and walk away. However, because she was my valued and trusted friend, I wanted to help as much as I possibly could. I thought she would be elated, because distribution is THE most important factor.

Ms. Parks claims she is an astute entertainment attorney. If so, how can she in good conscious and a straight face think anyone should bring her a deal that could make her money and not be compensated in any capacity? Evidently, Apollo never agreed with his wife either as they are rarely on the same page. Apparently, business is slow for her, therefore changing careers and focusing on burying dead people and pets, hawking stun guns, booty pads, and workout videos all while being a reality TV personality is now her primary focus.

As the little guy all my work is transparent. I’m upfront and honest unlike her shady creepy attorney lingering in the shadows of her office rather than join the meeting to set the facts straight. Honesty was not their paramount concern. I’m a producer, I’m paid to negotiate. I don’t need an attorney to negotiate my deals. I direct them on what to do. We need attorneys to solidify and “paper” the deal once made. The initial budget discussed with the distributor was $100,000 as I was aggressively pushing for them to finance the entire project at no cost to Phaedra. Once I knew that they weren’t interested in financing, I moved forward with a more modest budget according to their budgetary concerns of $35,000.

My distribution deal would have paid for MOST if not ALL of the costs to make the video because of the cash advance offered. For that, all I asked is for a mere 10% of her profits from the sales if any.  Reasonable? OF COURSE. This also means if she never sold 1 video I wouldn’t receive any money. Respectively, she wouldn’t have lost any money. Again, she had a sweetheart deal.

The truth is the distributor was less than impressed by her name or her physique and her pot of gold-less donkey butt was the least impressive of all. She bragged about having other offers on the table yet, she distributed herself online to Amazon.com to abysmal sales using her own money. The truth is, no one wanted her video because they did not believe in her or her gimmicky video. I softened the blows in order to be positive, because I believed she was my friend and didn’t feel a need to hurt her feelings.

To add insult to injury Phaedra said she’s never heard of any of my movies. I’m very proud of the work I’ve accomplished. I’m a multi hyphenate who has produced over 6 films with production budgets that usually range from $1-3M. They may not be movies with huge “A” list talent but they are profitable movies that have been nominated for several awards in the film industry. I LOVE what I do and would not want to do anything else. I know my worth and what I bring to the table. Phaedra refused to recognize this and treated me like a disposable diaper. I was so hurt I wanted to walk away because I’d rather have a friend than a check, however, with friends like Phaedra, who needs enemies?

On a positive note, I’ve been on a huge high this week! I released my first single and it debuted at #33 on iTunes! The song is a song of empowerment. #GWTWF is an anthem for anyone gay, straight, black, white, young, old, rich or poor, man or woman… who will never listen to anyone trying to put us down. We face people who bully us, call us unspeakable names, harass, degrade, criticize, and hate on us on a daily basis. With all the negativism, it’s easy to believe them. But we know who we are. We are strong and beautiful and Gone With The Wind Fabulous! That’s why I wrote the song. It’s an answer to the ones who try to destroy us.”

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  • Ann

    Kenya need to go somewhere and sit down.

  • Elle

    She is crazy. All the big words she used in that blog and I doubt she knows what any of them mean. Phaedra is phlawless. Kenya’s clearly studied past seasons of the show; she brought up Sheree? Like what year is she from? Sheree who? So old. Kenya is a psycho. Get a hobby.
    Oh, and I’ve never heard of or seen any of her work. Pageantry, “movies”, none of it.
    Siiiiiiiit ALL THE WAY down, Kenya.

  • theresa r.

    Thank you for that Fabulous phrase Kenya. I’m a nice girl whose is being bullied by way of “stalking”. A woman who own a soda company in New York has been paying people to literally stalk me and harass me daily. Her name is Elizabeth M. I’d subleted an apartment from Liz M’s mother…who ripped up my clothes, stole my money when I wasn’t home among other things. She was arrested after bragging about it to the police and an order of protection was issued in my favor. My doorman one day said to me…”Be careful. She has people following you.” That was 2 years ago and Liz M. hasn’t stopped stalking me on behalf of her mother. This person has hacked my e-mail accounts, hacked my phone, tried to make me loose work and loads of really despicable things.
    You’re response to your haters has really lifted my spirits. I’ll think of that each time I go out the door and know that my Hater has people snapping my picture and texting my location and trying to make me live in fear. I’m Gone with the Wind Fabulous and that’s why my stalker is jealous of me and trying to make life unbearable for me. Our haters don’t actually hate us . They secretly Admire Us and hate themselves.

  • lexi

    You’re awesome Kenya! I’m glad you’re on the show!