Kenya Moore Slams NeNe For Supporting Violence And Gay Bashing


Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to discuss the fight that happened on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya is shocked by NeNe’s behavior and the words she chose to address Brandon. Kenya can’t believe that a domestic violence survivor would be in support of this behavior.

Kenya writes, “This was a very difficult episode to watch for me. Firstly, I expected more from these women. Regardless of what personal feelings they may have against me, I am a woman first. We are all women.

I watched Kandi explode into a blackout rage stating she would “kill” people and “drag them.” We all have triggers and are not perfect. My issue is not with Kandi’s fit of anger, but with the acceptance of her behavior from the women over the same point that I attempted to make: NO ONE SHOULD EVER PUT HIS OR HER HANDS ON YOU.

During the aftermath of the melee, I watched each woman cavalierly recall the events as each laughed about what happened to Brandon and at their behavior, none acknowledging Apollo’s assault on Brandon. Not one single woman called Brandon to check on him. Secondly, men have physically abused some of us, including NeNe, in our past. Instead of NeNe pointing the blame at me for standing, they all should have been outraged that a man would grab me for any reason in their presence. Yet, they chose to focus on rudimentary finger pointing and attempting to make me the fall guy.

NeNe leads the charge again trying to blame me for everything including Apollo’s brutal and unjustified beating of Brandon. What’s even more disturbing is all the gay bashing and offensive language used by NeNe to humiliate and demean Brandon. NeNe maliciously and repeatedly referred to him as “that queen” and “her girlfriend in the red dress” etc. First of all, NeNe had no right to target Brandon as he did nothing wrong and is more of a man than NeNe tries to be. Christopher stood up and then hovered over me first while NeNe sat back pleased with herself over the contemptuous, hate-filled environment she created. After Christopher violently grabbed me, Brandon admirably defended me. Yet, at the spa, NeNe relentlessly argues Christopher “never touched” me when we all clearly saw he did.  If that wasn’t enough, she exclaims, “You’re lucky you didn’t get your ass beat”, etc.

No one should be subjected to physical violence especially from a woman who has been beaten herself.  What type of message are you sending to other women, young girls, and gays that it’s OK you get beat because you deserved it? Phaedra stated “Brandon wrote a check that his ass couldn’t cash” yet never once apologized on behalf of her husband. How ironic… One word: karma. Phaedra and NeNe both condoned violence with these remarks and for that, I’m deeply hurt and embarrassed for their disgusting beliefs.

NeNe has built her entire career on the backs of “queens” by using gay lingo and imitating their behavior.  For NeNe to hurl the word queen around in a negative and derogatory way in an effort to demean someone is hateful and completely unacceptable. I’m deeply offended as should the entire LGBT community. This type of hateful speech is unacceptable.

With that said, I will not be NeNe’s puppet or bullied into apologizing for actions of other people and am truly sorry for any role I played. I am no victim, but I am a human being with feelings and I am deeply hurt by the lack of support I have received from these women.  I’m truly offended and embarrassed to have been a part of this behavior and wish better for all of us in the future. We know better. We must do better.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    You are such a witch. This whole thing started because without provocation you verbally assaulted the marriage of this married couple. You are nothing but the biggest troublemaker on TV.

    • Giuliana

      Sorry but Kenya didn’t start that fight, Nene did. Not saying Kenya wasn’t involved but I think your hatred of her is clouding your judgement in this case.

  • only1me

    kenya wants to have nene fired, so she thinks she could be the star of the show.we can see right thru her, she doesn’t believe that most of us don’t like her.time for her to find her prince in africa ,have few kids and get a life


    NENE started the WHOLE THING! she keep talking to adults like
    Children! I understand that time is money but you cannot make adults
    do anything! I did not see where KENYA being late for that bullshit rated
    all of that drama! As adults you know what those kinds of questions
    will bring! Certainly NOT taking up for troublemaking KENYA but NENE
    is responsible for whole thing! She started it when Kenya walked in door and alcohol is flowing! The rest of the ladies need to woman up
    & keep it REAL with NENE who claims to keep it REAL! She never takes the blame & ALWAYS cut people to the white meat! Don’t get it twisted I AM a NENE fan just keeping it Real! BLOOP!

  • Aunt Bee

    Gianna are you forgetting what a stink Kenya caused when others were late for the Savanah trip? It was nene’s trip but she kept her cool. I think that was why Nene let Kenya have it for being late. Pay back’s a bitch. Kenya stirs up trouble everywhere she goes and the others are sick and tired of it.

    • GIANNA

      Two wrongs does not make a right! No one’s
      defending NeNe or Kenya both are wrong!
      My opinion is that NeNe started the Whole Thing!
      Cause andEffect! There was no alcohol when Kenya
      Started ranting on bus ,yet all hell broke loose!

    • Giuliana

      I don’t disagree with you but I don’t think Nene is any better. Nene invited everyone that doesn’t get along and started asking questions that got everyone all rattled up. Should Kenya have gotten up no? But Chris Williams already was and grabbed her and it just all went down hill from there.

  • zzz BeGone zzz

    Kenya started this argument when she opened her mouth during Nene’s trip, of course the catty woman went back home and told her boyfriend/husband/live-in that Kenya had made some allegations about her title. Christopher should have NOT toched Kenya, even if Kenya stood up. I am NOT defending krazy kraykray, I in fact loath her, she’s mean and extremely catty, loves to stir the pot all for the sake of bringing Queen Nene down or Phadrea or Porscha (spelling?), kenya is just a big-mouth-show-off. This should be a great lesson for her, if she’s smart, she’ll NOT meddle in kandi’s, Phadrea’s or anyone else’s business. As for Brandon, you’re more a man than Apollo and Peter will ever be. Quick advice though, you need to stop entertaining, encouraging kraykray, bcuz that’ll only get her face punched in! Um, yeah, we don’t need another Dwight.

  • only1me

    if kenya stayed in her seat not jumped up, none of this would have happened. i watched it again


    I too am sick of Kenya stirring up drama and trying to steal the spotlight
    but don’t forget NeNe’s old antics! She did same things Kenya is doing
    now which is why NeNe has the fans & position she has on the show.
    NeNe is trying to change but old NeNe will never be forgotten!


    I feel NeNe had a responsibility as a HOST and
    ALWAYS wanting to be large and in charge and
    even a BULLY in most cases could have set a
    better atmosphere for her party. How she started
    the party is the way the party ended! If she hadn’t
    turned it up to begin it, people may have followed.
    If I had walked in a party and HOST started with me
    in that manner I would have walked back out and
    once again no one is excusing ratchet Kenya! Two wrongs does not make a right! I am only referring
    to this incident only! NeNe in the past has ruined
    MANY events given by other people who put out
    a lot of planning and money! An episode is coming
    up where once again she is ruining an event and
    TURNING IT UP! It is good entertainment for us
    but blame should go to NeNe for this one! You go to a party for a good time and not a fight! She should have known this would happen and maybe
    she did? Other ladies don’t want to get down with her so they stand MUTE! Woman Up ladies!

  • Teri

    When people write post expressing their belief that Nene was at fault, I agree with their point of view. When people write post exprfessing their belief that Kenya was a fault, I then agree with that point of view. How the brawl happened. When people write post with their belief that both were at fault, I then agree with that.

    But, not many people who write post or have given interviews that the real person who did the fightening was mostly Apollo. I think Peter was involved also. Brandan got the crap beat out of him. It follows logic that the people responsible for the fight were Apollo and possably Peter. They did break up a confrontation, but why did they have to go as far as Apollo did ? Apollo was punching so hard that phaedra and kenya couldn’t pull Apollo away from the guy. It was clear that Brandan didn’t know what the hell was going on. Kenya is his friend and he was trying to help her.

    From what we see on tv, Apollo said to his wife was that he got carried away.
    Kenya was charging. Nene was stirred the evening up. by bringing up the onversation that happened at the vineyard, when Kenya said that Chris used the term common law wife. Nene knew going down this road would cause trouble. Apollo , well Apollo just “got carried away”.

  • Bernice

    This may help to shed light on what is really going on between Nene and Kenya. A producer’s take on the matter!



    Kandi, what are you apologizing for? Malorie pushed Todd and you real hard! Made me mad!
    Why did she NEED to be apart of that! She is the one who got THAT started! Christopher DID grab Kenya’s
    arm in threatening way! Be clear! No one is on RACHET Kenya’s side! I would have reacted the SAME WAY
    with Malorie. HOT MESS! See Peter I got your back,we’re family! Kissing Peter’s ass! GURL PLEEEASE!

  • Aunt Bee

    What I want to know is: are they married or not – that’s what started everything and I would be insulted If someone said it is common law when it isn’t. Can we get the correct answer??

  • only1me

    i;m getting sick of the actual fighting on all the houswives shows. i used to look forward to teresa, caroline,wacko having good times together, kept us laughing and happy. then they brought in melissa and kathy, program became hateful. after that you saw, rest of housewives shows turn nasty too.andy might think its cute, but actually it turned lots of fans off. once in while,i’ll watch hwoa, will watch jersey housewives, but none of the rest.to me they are too far gone.