Kenya Moore Slams NeNe Leakes, Says NeNe Is The Only One That’s Met Her African Prince


Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog to blast Cynthia’s friend Natalie for trash talking Todd, and to set NeNe straight about the shade she was throwing towards Kenya’s house, car and mystery man. Kenya reveals that Nene is the only Housewife who has actually met her “African Prince,” and declares that NeNe knows he exists. Kenya also throws shade back at NeNe for her comments about Kenya’s house and new Bentley.

Kenya writes, “ I found it odd that Cynthia manages to find random chicks and call them her friends. I found Natalie to have an agenda when she was speaking so negatively about Todd.

I’ve worked with Christopher Williams, (Natalie’s common law husband) on a play called “Gossip, Lies, and Secrets” years ago.  There was more drama behind the scenes than on the stage. During that time, he told many of the cast that he was not married but they consider themselves “common law” married. Meaning…they lived off and on as husband and wife but never walked down an aisle nor had any legal ceremony.

I could not care less about their arrangement or her gift certificate of marriage, LOL! It wasn’t my business, but Natalie made it my business when she chose to blatantly lie about being married for 18 years and trash Todd. Trust me, there is a lot of tea I know about Christopher from being on a play with him for 3 months, but those are his secrets and he’s not relevant. As for Todd, I like Todd and Kandi together. They are happy so no one should care about his past or what relationships didn’t work.

When Natalie tried to insult me for exposing her… someone should have told Natalie, DON’T COME FOR ME UNLESS I SEND FOR YOU! And shame on Cynthia for taking her side in her interview. I’ve been a loyal friend to her and proven myself.  With that said, at least ALL of the ladies rallied together to put Natalie in her place. I lived for Kandi, who got her together and sent her weathered face packing back to obscurity.

The shade is real. Why is NeNe so concerned with my house, car, or man? Yes, I moved from a 7,000 square foot home to 5,000. Still larger than the one she’s rented for 5 years, yet, larger than the one I owned for 15 years… but who’s counting but her? Yes, I have a brand new Bentley, it’s just a car! Since she’s in need of an upgrade she should get her man to buy her a new one from their shared bank account.  As far as my “invisible man,” NeNe is in fact the only woman in the group who has met my “African Prince”  so she knows he exists. Typically, very successful men who are into you don’t seek the spotlight, unlike the attention whore husbands some of the women are with. The fact that she would try to throw shade about this now is laughable to me. Are you surprised?”

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5 Replies to “Kenya Moore Slams NeNe Leakes, Says NeNe Is The Only One That’s Met Her African Prince”

  1. Kenya, you lie so much you believe your own BS. Why do you have to go after every other woman on the show? You knew Natalie and Mallory only a few minutes and began attacking them. what is wrong with you???

  2. Nene may have met him, but we all met the last guy that she claimed was serious about her. Did that make it true? I’m relly annoyed that she is going to selfishly and childishly have a child when she’s got no man and hasn’t enough sense to raise a child. She offered up flying a sick dog to party with her in Savannah as her mothering instinct. Good move.

  3. Wow! Well Kenya is entitled to her opinions or speaking her truth! But its all part of the show! Drama and more drama! I do believe Kenya is earning her paycheck and her moments of Fame! Lol! I do feel little sympathetic for her when everyone attacks her! Makes me wonder if some of the cast is really secretly jealous! Hummmmm?

  4. I really do not think anyone of the women is jealous of Kenya. She claims and may have dated some famous men but none of them stayed with her. Why? Something else is going on with her, she has had an issue with all of the women and half of the men. She claims she dose not talk about anyone behind their back, and she dose. She talks about everyone negatively and calls them out of their name behind their backs, but she says she do not do that. ” Liar” She flirted with Apollo first “he sure is fine” the game was on after that remember. Something is wrong, and its not just for TV ratings. That women has a problem a big problem. Settle down, fine a men, have a child “before time runs out on you” take your meds on time everyday, and stop hating on everyone that have what you don’t.

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