Kenya Moore SLAMS NeNe Leakes, “NeNe Is A Former Stripper With A Few Short-Lived Gigs In Hollywood”


Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to address NeNe’s behavior at her charity event. Kenya explains the invitation process, and says she has been nothing but a friend to NeNe. Kenya writes that she is tired of NeNe’s better than everyone attitude, is tired of her walking into rooms with her nose in the air and says the rest of the cast is actually above NeNe.

Kenya writes, “NeNe and I are both survivors of domestic violence. I, particularly, have a penchant for any charity that supports women and helps young girls thrive. Saving Our Daughters (SOD) is one I too firmly believe in and thought would help a lot of girls in need with their struggles in life. Previously, I promised NeNe that I would throw an event to benefit her favorite charity. That I did with no ulterior motive.

I may not do everything perfectly right, but my heart was in the right place. Although I do not owe NeNe anything, out of respect for our friendship at the time, I only wanted to do something kind for her and to benefit a great charity — a win-win situation.  This was my sweeping gesture…my olive branch. However, you don’t take an olive branch and beat someone with it.

Each and every girl received the same invitation outlining my event details, dress code, program, etc. The electronic invitation my team used tracked all the invitations. Therefore, we could see that NeNe not only RECEIVED the evite but READ the invitation as well. However, she chose not to respond. Instead of calling me with questions, she contacted the charity and confirmed their support for the event weeks prior. She also heard from Cynthia and Marlo about the event, other Housewives, and PR staff. Does this sound like a woman who didn’t know anything about the event as she claims? If you believe that lie, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

Initially, I wanted to surprise her with my decision to make her the guest of honor, which is why I didn’t personally call her. However, as rumblings went on about her not getting a call from me, I immediately called her and received no response resulting in me texting her. To my dismay, she furiously responded in a nasty, disrespectful manner. Again, all knowledge of the event took place prior to the event. Once NeNe did learn, she made her own choice how to conduct herself.

I commend Cynthia for the class act that she is and her many attempts to protect NeNe’s image by advising her to do the right thing and attend. Alternatively, NeNe could have declined coming altogether, sent someone to accept on her behalf, or come and graciously accept her honor and ask people to be generous and donate, then, speak to me privately later. Yet, she did none of the above. Proving money can’t buy you class.

NeNe is no queen bee.  Actual queens are dignified, beloved, regal, and gracious, and don’t walk into a room with their noses in the air… none of the aforementioned is applicable to NeNe. When she arrived, she never spoke to me, but she had her nose in the air the entire time, and never once exhibited a shred of humility, decorum, or class. After she snatched the microphone from me all the guests gasped. What’s most disturbing than anything is her “I am bigger and better than anyone” attitude.

I have only been a friend to her. But clearly NeNe is the one who doesn’t know how to be a friend and ices anyone who goes against her. She disrespects her friend’s husband by telling Peter to stay out of women’s business, but it was OK when she set me up so that Christopher could verbally attack me over my issue with his woman.  The truth is NeNe resents me for her own egotistical reasons and the world sees it. Her light has dimmed and she is clinging on to a title of being #queenbee. The truth is, there is enough light for us all to shine.

“None of these bitches here are on my level I’m on” –NeNe Leakes

Well, NeNe is correct. We are all in fact above this petty, hate-filled, ego-tripping-one-woman-show-paranoid-hateful-drama of hers. We do not think we are better than other Housewives, because we all are on the same show the last time I checked.  Oh, speaking of being above someone…Kandi is a Grammy award-winning songwriter and astute businesswoman and actual “rich bitch,” Cynthia is an accomplished model and businesswoman, and Phaedra is an attorney, and I am  a former Miss USA and the only one in the group with an actual crown. Unlike NeNe, I can’t be dethroned as I’m a part of history. With that said, NeNe is a former stripper with a few short-lived gigs in Hollywood given to her by one man. My scoreboard says that makes HER not on our level. I’m not sure about you, but I’m looking forward to the future of RHOA, not the past. BLOOP!”

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  • Judy

    Although it was nice of you to write all of this in your blog, there was no need. I saw how Nene acted towards you. This all started because you were late. I can understand your feelings.

  • Andrea

    The last paragraph of this blog is freakin hilarious and on point!!!

  • Aunt Bee

    I don’t think Kenya’s head could get any bigger or her eyes any greener. She is the pot calling the kettle black. Nobody has their nose in the air more than the former Miss USA and that was all she ever was. At least Nene is fun to watch.


  • julyol1972

    For all the shade you’re throwing Miss Thing, you are the one with the title trying to get on a show she’s been on for years. She was a stripper, with limited options, you however, should know and do better. Instead of acting so damn thirsty, maybe what you should be doing is tring to use that crown for good. You’re definitely no better than she is, stop trying to act like you are.

  • Jody

    Well said Kenya. You are a lady of style and grace.

  • deonn

    ignorant. thats all i have to say

  • Anonymous

    The reason Nene was my favorite was because she was so ridicously dilusional and outragious! She is a very jealous and petty person. Kenya you are on point! Kenya you too are guilty of some ridicouslous behavior but Nene does wear that crown! Bloop

    • Yea Nene use to have me cracking up, because she is delusional , and the networks love her because, she’s a clown, but lately I see a very sad nene, who wants everyone to be unhappy like her.

  • doogal

    Unfortunately she wrote what a lot of the public I believe has been thinking since Apollo brutally attacked Brandon and assaulted him for no reason at the party or trap that Nene had set up for everyone. It wasn’t the first time she created a fight either. At her bachelorette party Nene tried to create a fight among her best friends when she told another friend what one friend had told her in confidence, saying that she heard that the friend had said that the other friend wasn’t happy for her remarrying her husband. A fight began to ensue at the table and it almost turned into a prison fight there also. Instead of putting the blame on herself for putting the confidential information out there she blamed the women and told them it all should have been about her. Kandi also has the same air on the show though to Nene’s defense, talking often about how she wrote no scrubs, showing up late 3 hours for every event and then being mad when someone mentions it. At least when Kenya did show up late she immediately apologized to all the women and has not yet tried to tell everyone that she is above everyone like Kandi and Nene has done. Over all this drama keeps the show going because we love to hate them or hate to love them whichever it keeps us watching and though many are disturbed by their behavior the truth is that most of us will be watching next week when they appear again and that’s what keeps the world going ’round, drama. I do hope there is no more criminal activity such as Apollo and Kandi exhibited and began to exhibit. We have enough violence in this world not to see it on our dramas.

  • Aunt Bee

    Style and grace! What a laugh. She is an egotistical star wannabe.

    • Oh no sweetie, Kenya is where the rest would like to be. Read Kenya.s biography , Frankly I don’t know why she’s ever wanted to be in Atlanta Housewives.

  • Well i commend kenya for writting this blog here. Again Kenya is very articulate to the point! She couldn’t have been any clearer! In the end I do hope as she extended her olive branch to nene we will definitely understand. But honestly nene is becoming a unforgiving old hag!!!!! Lol!!!!!!

    • Yea I like Kenya, and the lady knows how to read people. Kenya is in a league of her own, and the rest of the housewives can’t catch up with her.