Kenya Moore Says She’s DONE With Phaedra Parks


Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog to let viewers know she is DONE with Phaedra Parks. After trying to sit down and talk to Phaedra during the Savannah trip, and being rejected, Kenya says she has not seen a genuine emotion from Phaedra… ever. She makes it very clear she was trying to take NeNe’s advice, but that she does not need Phaedra’s friendship.

Kenya writes, “Conversely, I have never seen any genuine emotion from Phaedra — no tears, no anger, no pain… even when her child was born she’s never exhibited any vulnerability whatsoever. I’ve only seen her make snide behind-the-back remarks and a slew of hateful lies… All reasons why it’s easy to say she is fake. NeNe felt I should speak to her and I agreed. When I tried to have a productive conversation and make amends with Phaedra in order to move past our tumultuous and contemptuous past, she behaved in her typical passive aggressive manner. Let’s be crystal, I don’t need her friendship. I’m not sorry I did it either. These moments show you who someone really is and you just have to believe it when they do. Done.”

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