Kenya Moore Says Phaedra Parks’ Shady Past Will Be Revealed


Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya explains why she was so angry about the other women being late for the event. Kenya says Kandi knows she wasn’t trying to be malicious about her joke that she could skip a meal, and that she prides herself in being a curvy woman. She also reveals that more of Phaedra’s shady past will be revealed.

Kenya writes, “I’m a consummate professional and was always taught being on time is being early. I just moved into my new home and it’s at least 45 minutes away from NeNe. I had plenty to do to set up my new home, including unpacking. My closet is still a mess and there were tons of things I could do with 3 additional hours to spare if I had them.

When planning on being anyplace, naturally you plan ahead when there is traffic, babies to account for, stops to make, etc. I admit my pet peeve is waiting on someone. I pride myself on being on time. I realize you cannot always be prompt every single time, but with these particular “ladies” it is commonplace that they are always late. Being late while traveling takes it to another level of contempt, and being 2-3 hours late is beyond inconsiderate and down right disrespectful

Although it wasn’t my trip, I was affected by the women’s bad manners. I agree with Kandi, my delivery was strong, but no one apologized nor had any valid reasons for being late so my tongue-lashing was unleashed.

I made a wise crack at Kandi saying she could skip a meal. Kandi knows I think she has a great figure, so I’m sure she laughed as we have together about the 5-10 pounds she wants to lose. I’m not a tiny girl myself, and I appreciate a woman with curves. I won Miss USA at 128lbs and I’m now a healthy 145-150lb at 5’10”. As women, we know 5lbs is everything to us, but I simply encourage all women to be healthy.

Shady Faye AKA FAKETRA continues to unnecessarily slander me in her interviews often using the word “whore.” I find it ironic that a woman that professes to be a Christian would use this type of language or resort to these attacks. In my opinion, since her business of being an attorney seems to be in the toilet, Phaedra appears to be comfortable slinging poop. Having said that, clearly, when Phaedra uses the word whore, she is referring to herself. The girls have long heard the rumors of her past of being a “head doctor.” Keep watching as the details of her past are exposed…”

Photo Credit: Bravo