Kenya Moore Says Phaedra Parks Is Jealous, Fake, Evil, & Hypocritical!

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog to reflect on the cast trip to LA on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya discusses the trip she also talks about her cast mates Porsha Stewart and Phaedra Parks. Kenya says Porsha is always looking to fight with her and she didn’t appreciate her digs about Walter at dinner. As far as what Kenya has to say about Phaedra… just keep reading!

Kenya writes, “The truth is I believe we all were excited to come to celebrate her new found success, and traveling with a group of women on a nearly 5 hour flight was exhausting. No one kept track of our schedule so we were drastically late for NeNe’s dinner party. With that said, although I was disappointed that we didn’t get an opportunity to go inside her fabulous new home, I understood her position as well by canceling the event. I hate when people are late for any reason, and when you are hosting someone, planned all day, and anticipate one’s arrival, it appears disrespectful if you feel as though they do not adhere to proper etiquette when invited into your sacred personal space. Hopefully, there will be another time.

Since my cancer scare I have been working hard on my overall attitude and the way I react to high pressure and stressful situations, because life is just too short. Certainly, this trip for me could have turned out much differently had I played into the utterly mean and deceitful underhanded acts and provocative remarks that were perpetrated against me. While at dinner I was obviously very uncomfortable talking about my ex, because I was still in the healing process and only shared my relationship status with NeNe, Kandi, and Cynthia.

As much as these women talk behind my back about me, you have never once seen me engage in this type of backbiting behavior. I never start fights, I only finish them. I tried to stay clear of all the drama. With respect to Phaedra’s new bestie, clearly she was trying to provoke me by flaunting the fact that she and Kordell had invited Walter to their party. I’m not going to play this little girl’s games. Her conniving ways and remarks were meant to be inflammatory and hurtful. The fact that she was elated in saying it speaks volumes. She constantly looks for a fight with me. Her entire existence on the show has been centered around me. I get it. What else does she have? But this time and this night, I’m just not in the mood for cartoons.

Seeing Phaedra in her interviews throwing dirty, cruel, and disgusting below the belt jabs about me only confirmed for me and the viewers that she is a jealous, fake, evil, and most of all a hypocritical villain. My body is natural. I clearly work hard for it. She hopes to affect my video sales, but people see through her conniving ways. With that said, there are unspeakable names you never call a woman! She is intent to malign me in any way she can with unfounded and disrespectful slurs. I have never called her a ho when she obviously got pregnant by a man fresh out of prison without using protection and lied about it to the world. I have learned from our irretrievably broken so-called friendship that if you roll around in the mud with a little pig, all you do is get dirty and the pig loves it.”

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6 Replies to “Kenya Moore Says Phaedra Parks Is Jealous, Fake, Evil, & Hypocritical!”

  1. I completely agree with Kenya in reference to Fakedra & Porsha! Excluding Cynthia, all of Kenya’s castmates are jealous of her. They can not even give Kenya her props for being the most accomplished actress among them. Kenya has a running list of TV appearances, videos and movies. NeNe looks like a jealous fool, trying to imply that her two(2) mini TV spots makes her an accomplished actress. I’m still waiting to see if NeNe really can act because the parts she now plays is really more like her own personality. I would love to see NeNe in a part that requires her to ACT !

  2. wow. keyna’s in her own world. she talks a good game, but when the ghetto comes out, she seems to forget. bitch done have ghetto blackout rage.

  3. Kenya Moore, gets no love here in Detroit!!!! That’s where she is from.. And not Atlanta everyone in Detroit knows that she us crazy than a road lizard. Did I forget to say she is really BI-Polar..

  4. You know you got to be wrong when I start siding and agreeing with Kenya, I do believe Phaedra is insecure about herself and takes it out on Kenya cause her “boo” Apollo admitted publicly that he finds Kenya to be attractive, you can’t get mad at the female cause your man wants a taste, Real talk ladies you can’t keep no man who don’t want to be kept and the same thing applies to the fellows as well!

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