Kenya Moore Says Kim Fields Thinks She’s Too Good For The Group


Kenya Moore is throwing major shade at Kim Fields in a new interview with Bravo. Moore says Fields thinks she is too good for the group and explains why she believes Kim’s beatless brunch was shady. Why did you think Kim was being shady with her beatless brunch?
Kenya Moore:
We’ve seen Kim speak about the “group” in a negative way before. She told Phaedra that everyone had their breasts out at my Kenya Moore Hair Care launch party and she “missed class,” thereby calling us classless or trashy. She quipped before that we all looked like we were always on a red carpet and she often makes disapproving faces and comments while she is with us.

I’ve had a little too much of Kim’s self-righteous behavior. Her “beatless brunch” could have been to celebrate our natural beauty, which I think all of the women have, however, when her voice message specifically stated: “We need to be reminded what make up is for,” that is when the message was no longer positive for me and more judgmental and accusatory. Translation: “You all wear too much makeup and you need to learn to wear less, because I do not approve of how you look”.

I am a queen in more ways than one and I’m very comfortable in my own skin whether that is in red carpet makeup of none at all — flaws and all, it’s in my blood. As I stated, as ancestors of Nubian Queens such as Queen Nefertiti, I fully own who I am and will not allow another woman to make me feel lesser than. No woman should be made to feel as though another women does not approve of the way she looks whether it be her dress, makeup, hairstyle, Spanx, surgeries, etc… It’s all self-expression and to each his own. Further, Kim is the last person to tell someone how to look. You cannot encourage anyone to celebrate their natural beauty having had multiple cosmetic procedures and while wearing atrocious wigs made of fake hair… Nothing natural about that at all. Don’t judge lest ye be judged. Did you feel like you got support from the ‘Wives when you opened up about your family reunion?
I did during the brunch; however I was deeply offended that someone would state in their interview that “I cannot give love because I haven’t been loved.” I’ve had an army of people love and cherish me my entire life, it just wasn’t my mother. I may have a hard exterior sometimes because I am very guarded, but when I do love someone, there is nothing more powerful and meaningful, because I know what it is like to feel abandoned. So in some ways I may over compensate in that area. Were you surprised that Kim didn’t want to co-produce Cynthia’s commercial?
Kim believes she is too good for this group and too good to work with me. I guess she isn’t too good to need Cynthia’s check.

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13 Replies to “Kenya Moore Says Kim Fields Thinks She’s Too Good For The Group”

  1. That’s probably the first thing Kenya has ever said I agree with. Kim is too good for this group she doesn’t fit in with all the, (Shannon I’m going to borrow your term), Skanks!

  2. Dear Kenya, I wholeheartedly agree with you…Kim is too good for you, she has a career in television…you don´t, you just twirl and appeared in random episodes of sitcoms from the past

  3. Kim should have done a bit of due diligence on the other women before signing up for the show. I think she feels intimidated by how done up and glamorous looking all the other women always are, which is why she tried to spice up her look and ended up looking like she was dressed up as a hooker on Halloween. I think her “beatless party” was her way of judging the other women and trying to control the situation. It definitely felt like she was trying to mother or lecture them to me; I would have been offended too. Kim seems to be more of a homebody who is more focused on her family, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, just because others do not live their lives as you do does not mean they should be condemned.

  4. Kim doesn’t belong in that coven…I feel sad for her

    And now all those rumors about her husband being a friend of Dorothy

    1. Are you serious ?…oh dear, there were also rumors about Peter Thomas being also friends with Dorothy before he married Cynthia, seemingly Dorothy has a lot of friends in Atlanta and their wives don’t know or prefer to look the other way and smile.

      1. Not surprised at all, Porsha’s ex, Kordell was also known for being friends with Dorothy, even Apollo, on and off, maybe now that he’s behind bars he’s rekindled his friendship with Dorothy

  5. How very negative & jealous Kenya makes herself look with her nasty comments. And Yes Kenya, Kim is way too good for you as you’re just as trashy & classless as Brandi is & nothings ever going to change that. Put on a mask & hide your jealousy or take examples from Kim on how to be & act like a lady.

  6. OK, who is Dorothy? I am apparently missing something here. Kennya had an army of people that loved and cherished her? That is this weeks take on herself. Not at all what she was implying when her family reunion was being filmed. God, she should keep a record of what she says. When you tell the truth you don’t need to remember what you say. The truth is Kenyys is not capable of telling the truth. Her appearance on Celeb. Apprentice proved that.

  7. Kenya, you comment that women should honor all women for who they are and you throw shade at Kim’s appearance, all in the same breath? You are the most two-faced, insecure nasty pants woman on tv. You embarrass all women. Walk your talk or shut your mouth. How can you say your a strong, confident woman when all you display is insecurity and jealousy?

  8. Fortunately for Krayonce, she is not too good for anyone or anything, that is why she has no problem with acting like a psycho and going on television with hired boyfriends.

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