Kenya Moore Says Apollo Nida Is A Cheater And Phaedra Parks Is Dumb


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore appeared on the Arsenio Hall show and dished about this season’s scandals. Kenya had time to explain her side of text gate with Apollo Nida, She suggested that while Apollo never had a change with her because she would never go near a married man, Apollo felt differently about stepping outside of his marriage. “We all know his reputation around Atlanta, he likes his extra-curricular activities..” Kenya alleged.

“After we didn’t work together, because they didn’t want to pay me, me and his wife (Phaedra Parks) fell out. Months later he sent me a text and it was a friendly text, but he initiated that text, I want to be perfectly clear. However, when I responded, even though it was chaste, that opened the door for all the other B.S. that they’re now spreading about me. Saying I met him in L.A. That never happened. I’ve never seen him outside of the Real Housewives of Atlanta taping. Ever. So that’s a complete lie,” Kenya explained. “I just have to say that any woman who would believe that lie, especially a woman who is supposed to be an attorney, has to be the dumbest attorney I’ve ever seen in my life. To believe a story like that without any facts. To get on television and slander me outright, that’s hitting well below the belt and she’ll pay for that.”

Photo/Video Credit: Arsenio Hall Show