Kenya Moore Says She Is NOT Afraid Of NeNe Leakes


Kenya Moore is letting everyone know that she is NOT afraid of original Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, NeNe Leakes. “I’m not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,” Moore told The Wrap of NeNe’s Housewives track record. “That is an urban legend.” Kenya went toe to toe with NeNe in the season 6 season premiere, even grabbing her ear at one point. “It’s like, look, if we’re going to be friends we have to deal with each other on an honest level,” Kenya explained. “This is what bothers me. I’m going to be vocal about it. My desire is that we move past it and we don’t have to deal with that issue again. It’s not to take on someone. I’m a woman. I speak my mind. I’m an honest person and I’m speaking to who I think is my friend and I think has mutual respect for me.”

But Kenya isn’t out to take on each of her cast mates. “I don’t consider myself taking on the girls,” she says. “I’m just being me and things happen. Sometimes, I need answers so I don’t stop until I get the answers that I’m looking for.”

Kenya also explains why she is so emotional about the other women being friendly with her ex, Walter. “That’s the thing. They’re not friends with him,” she explains. “None of them are friends with him. Some of them are cordial with him, but he’s not at their house, he’s not being invited to other places, they don’t hang out together. So, you can’t call that person a friend. But, every time we’re speaking about where we are, NeNe challenges that I’m her friend. It’s kind of duplicitous and transparent to me what her agenda is.”

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  1. Krazy kraykray delusional as always, how does this oman function on a daily basis?!? Nene and krazy kraykray need some boxing gloves and let them figure it out.

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