Kenya Moore Reveals Why She Believes Walter Jackson Is Gay! Plus- Is She Dating Jamal Anderson?

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore is taking to her Bravo Blog to clear up the controversy surround her relationship with Walter Jackson on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya explains she feels like some of the women set her up when they invited Walter to events she would be at, she says she feels like Walter is a “fame whore” looking for his 15 minutes, and she also reveals why she is suspicious Walter is gay.

Kenya writes, “I find it interesting that Peter, Apollo, and Kordell act like catty little women more than their wives. Is that even possible? I am choosing my words carefully but they act like little (rhymes with witches). They were all salivating at the mouth to listen to my spiteful, dateless ex hurl pitiful and juvenile comments aimed to insult and degrade me after seeing how fabulous I looked at the event with my famous friend. I twirled in looking Gone with the Wind Fabulous. I felt incredible that night, and after seeing how dumb and trite a 46-year-old-mid-life-crisis-having “man” can act, I also clearly mitigated my damages by dodging a bullet in the relationship department.

My ex may have been invited by Peter, but he knew full-well cameras would be present and yet he showed up anyway after I asked him not to attend any functions where he knew I would be. Atlanta may be small, but when you are a fame whore riding off the coattails of someone else’s celebrity, you seek out any moment you can to get your 15 minutes. The same is true for Kandi’s housewarming. I adore Kandi, but she knew he would be there and it was obviously a trap to get me to get into some big drama-filled spectacle of a blow out with my ex. Phaedra, Apollo, and Peter all conspired to purposely make me feel uncomfortable, threatened, and embarrassed, so I immediately left. No one puts Baby in the corner!

God has blessed me so much in my life. A testament to one of his blessings is that he gave me the courage to live my dreams, to step outside the box and be brave, bold, and often irreverent, but most of all he made me resilient. Men will come and go from your life. It felt good to be on the arm of someone (NFL star Jamal Anderson) who respects me, who makes me feel safe, makes me laugh, and has always supported me in every way possible for over 15 years. We have never dated because the timing has never been right. But we have great respect and admiration for each other. He is a true friend and class act, and I know his heart. That being said, trust me when I say people will show you who they are, but you must believe them the first time. God showed me who my ex was early on and I ignored the signs because I wanted a family so badly and was willing to settle for someone who never deserved me.

A REAL man would never lead a woman on, try to humiliate or hurt them, or try to intimidate them once you have broken up for the sake of more camera time or fame. No one forced anyone to be mean, hateful, evil, or stupid. I’ve dated some incredible men in my life, all of whom I have remained friends with except him. I have been proposed to 6 times, and I respectfully declined as I was not ready. I am not the person with not one, but TWO FAILED MARRIAGES and a child out of wedlock. I have been careful for a reason. This is a testament to my character and how I treat people — specifically ones with whom I have had an intimate relationship. Intimacy, in my opinion, is when you are vulnerable with someone, you share secrets, are open to love, and you take care of their emotional well-being. I have been accused of breaking some hearts in my day, but I assure you, I respect those with whom I have been a real friend. The foundation to any relationship is a true friendship. Seeing the evil spirit that exists in him was a blessing.

This is a no H8 zone. My ego isn’t that big to intimate homosexuality because someone doesn’t want to sleep with me. However, when you have seen countless questionable misogynistic behaviors coupled with ex-wives and ex-girlfriends who share your suspicions, your uncertainties may be perfectly valid. Additionally, being a “man whore” doesn’t make you straight any more than being a virgin does. You are sexually attracted to whom you are attracted in your heart. Whether you are gay or straight, you should be free to be who you are in life without the scrutiny and judgment of others. When you live your life as a lie, you lie to the world every single day. Your lies compound to the point where nothing you say or do is the truth. You will never be happy in life unless you are your authentic self and living an authentic life. And to be very clear, sexuality has nothing to do with one’s character. Your heart, your actions, and your intent is the compilation of your spirit. I do not judge. (I only see your heart). One should love whom they want to love in life. Be happy being you. AUTHENTIC. TRUTHFUL. REAL.”

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12 Replies to “Kenya Moore Reveals Why She Believes Walter Jackson Is Gay! Plus- Is She Dating Jamal Anderson?”

  1. Kenya, what do you have agenst gay’s because you never fell to though out that Walter is gay. Have you ever thought that on your trip the way you flartted with Apollo, and than ask another man for his speram that it might turn off a man. He might have felt you were out for what ever you can get out of a man. And IF you are dateing Jamal Anderson I hope he has sex with you or he will be gay and only hanging with you for your fame. Do you even know what a friend is you have screwed all the women on RHOA one way or the other.

  2. Kenya, get your roots done, I am talking about your hair. For a former Miss USA, your grooming is deplorable. Ashy skin, roots, bad complexion, all of these make you look like you need a bath.

  3. You people commenting on this blog are a joke. You act like you think Walter is this special little victim that Kenya hurt. THIS IDIOT RAN TO THE RADIO STATION AFTER DISRESPECTING HER ON SCREEN AND SAID THE RELATIONSHIP WAS FAKE!!! If he isn’t lying, HE IS A SNITCH! What “friend” does that to another friend? If Walter was turned off by Kenya, he should have just quietly exited…no need to try to ruin the franchise!!! Keep in mind all that stuff we saw the other night happened BEFORE the scandal. Then this loser has the nerve to show up with some hard looking tranny and he didn’t even have any chemistry with her…he’s just an OLD cornball trying to relive his youth by messing with women in their 20s! It was obvious he kept showing up because he wanted MORE CAMERA TIME. You people will make up every excuse in the world. It is what it is!

  4. Dear “Anonymous” (KENDRA, obviously!) above:

    Clearly your opinion is the minority.

    How can a grown woman claim to be involved in a romantic relationship with a man she was never intimate with physically? Intimacy in a long term relationship between adults includes more than your definition. Yes, it’s delusional to think you were in an honest, romantic relationship for years, yet never had sex or even saw your future HUSBAND with an erection! That’s just plain ridiculous. Also, Kandi told you about Walter in the basement to help you out; why would she purposely set you up and then sabotage her “master plan” to humiliate you?

    As for celebrity, who is the big celebrity here? The one who needs bodyguards to protect her from……her ex “boyfriend”? Delusion from the “irreverent” “Baby” who twirled in looking “fabulous” with her “famous friend”. WOW! Ick.

    Who’s helping you write your blog, anyway? Clearly, there were a few tweaks and interjections made by someone whose vocabulary transcends yours.

  5. Yes, Anonymus, I agree!! Walter just wanted to sit in his living room and watch himself on tv. He clearly needed the attention, and taking that young lady to the party, he was just showing that he could get a 20 something girl to go to a party with him. There doesn’t seem to be any chemistry with Walter and women, just think him and Kenya REALLY wanted to get on the show.

  6. Kenya has worked hard to be the person she is. It’s not her fault Walter does not seem interested in females and that he may be bi-sexual. He may say he prefers to date young females in their 20s but, even with a young date around, observe how he prefers to hang around pretty looking men like Apollo. I have not heard Kenya say she never had sexual intercourse with Walter, only that he did not get turned on while in that trip and I take it had to do because the competition were those cute looking men. Kenya is not delusional or kray kray, she is a frustrated women that has no control when it comes to avoiding Walter. He’s like that stay in the carpet that cannot be removed. His attitude can be annoy and intimate any woman. He attends those parties only to hang with the men. As he did with Kenya, avoiding her at a party to hang with the “guys”, he did with the young date he brought to Kandi’s party. And this girl looked uncomfortable, as if she felt out of place! When the men left Walter to be with their wives at Kandi’s party, Walter felt, like a fish out of water, forced and bored having to sit with his date. The housewives and hubbies may think this is funny, let’s see how amusing it will be for those housewives and spouses when Walter makes a move on one of the guys.

  7. Kenya, your better off without him. He’s just a prick. You can do much better than that rude @ss man. He has no respect for women. Be positive and continue to live your dream. As for Peter he is just an old senile man who is a male bytch. He has a horrible character. Good luck and best wishes.

  8. Hey there, Walter is so gay ! My ex boyfriend was just like him. Pretending to like woman and when they have one they don’t know what to do! How rude was he to his date! He like nasty tired and old and Kenya had a very very lucky escape. He is truly a idiot without the courage to be true to his real need ( men!) and hurting women ( victims) along the way. I wish Kenya true love . I hope Kenya stays ” fabulous with the wind ‘ and all chocolate and some!!!!. Good riddance Walter go back to the dark hole you came from!

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