Kenya Moore Reveals She’s Dating A New Man!


Kenya Moore is opening up about her dating life and how she is doing post break-up with Walter Jackson. In a new interview Kenya reveals she’s dating somebody special! Kenya says she is “currently dating, has a great guy in her life, and is really excited!” She explains she’s taking it slow and is glad her new guy doesn’t want to be in the limelight! Kenya says it’s nice to be with someone that “likes her and wants to be there.”

Kenya adds that she still wants to get married and have children, and she isn’t going to give up on that. She says that’s why she dates and she wouldn’t waste her time dating someone that didn’t want the same things.

Kenya also opens up about the accusations she was flirting with Apollo Nida, the way she has been portrayed on the show, her regrets, and her current relationships with her cast mates. Watch her interview below!

Photo Credit: Bravo

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15 comments on “Kenya Moore Reveals She’s Dating A New Man!

  1. One question: Does the guy she’s dating KNOW he’s dating her this time? Or is it some guy she brushed shoulders with, or bought a coffee from, and he doesn’t even know he’s one of her desperate, fantasy relationships.

    • LOL–that’s what I’ve always said about Kenya! If you say anything to this woman, she will twist it around and all hell will break loose! She thought she and Phaedra were BFFs just because Phaedra took her to aside and talked to her. She thought Apollo was flirting with her because he texted her about something business-related, she took Phaedra’s not wanting to pay her that 10% fee as not wanting to pay her at all. She expected Walter to propose to her, when the dude didn’t even realize they were dating! Bwwwwhaahahha!

      She obviously has a personality disorder and cannot read people’s subtext. She needs to be off the show.

  2. Kenya has big heart and wants love she maybe going at it the wrong way but he clock is ticking so she seam desperate, but she should get off this show to find true love. She is smart and men like dummys like Porsha.

  3. First off NO one cares what this person does we just like getting a good laugh out of her. And IF a man dates her he better bing her on air or he will be gay lol. I would not date her if I were a man and wanted a few hours on tv I would want to keep my balls in place and I bet hers are bigger than most mens.

  4. Kenya is a strong black strong woman who is sensitive. This is what I saw on the show
    She wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable. Walter played her obvi. Her mate needs to be a real
    Man. Walter was a child he and kordell need to hook up. Portia is a child as well. All the other ladies came to the party with the right outfits why didn’t she? She’s a child that’s why

    • No. Walter didn’t play Kenya. Kenya played YOU. She made a fool out of herself pretending something was there that wasn’t. She asked him to be on the show and pretend a relationship from the beginning. Did she expect him to pretend a wedding and a marriage?

      • walter knew how Kenya felt about wanting to get married quick and start a family. now if didn’t want that he had plenty of chances to stop seeing Kenya any time he wanted…. BUT! it was Kenya who got tired of his B.S and told he it was over….BUT! walter had already done what he planned to do, so he didn’t care….. he had gotten into the circle to be invited to all the big parties in Atlanta….. he’s not rich or famous so he road kenys’s coat tails to get in to the in crowd….. even the new woman he bought to kandi’s house warming party wasn’t a famous person. he lead her on knowing damn well he didn’t want to get married. he would not have sex with her because he was scared she just might get pregnant and he didn’t want that. he told peter and kordell that he liked younger women….. ok then why are you with Kenya? to use her that was all.

        • Walter Jackson is an American entrepreneur who has a net worth of over $2 million dollars. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Walter Jackson is the owner of South Dekalb Towing and Transport.

  5. It really sad that we as Black women wont to tear each other a part. Kenya Moore is what every women should want to be successful in her own right. So what Walter played her, He is a loser and coward. Kenya let the haters be haters and do you Girl!

  6. I’m so off Kenya Moore, I hope she reads these post I don’t like you, the picture you have painted for Women, Young black women, its so sad if that’s how Miss USA acts I would never want my daughter to be Miss USA , Miss American, You are a sad Women

  7. Kenya…You have so many people who back you. keep fanning away the haters…they just want the beauty that you have.

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