Kenya Moore Responds To Claims She’s Bipolar!

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore twirled onto Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and has certainly made a lasting impression on viewers. People either love her, hate her, or love to hate her. It does seem like Kenya has some 0-60 mood swings. Whether she’s crying to Walter in Anguilla or yelling at an innocent model to cover her coochie crack!

There was a scene in Anguilla where Walter asked Kenya if she had taken her medication, which got viewers asking a lot of questions. People were wondering if Kenya suffered from a mental illness, and rumors of Kenya being bipolar started surfacing. Kenya recently tweeted and cleared up any questions about her mental health after Phaedra Parks revealed she thought Kenya was bipolar and had a drinking problem.

“I’m bipolar? I have NEVER spoken one bad thing about @PhaedraParks. Horrendous lies.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • redd

    I love kenya they need to be shooken up a bit give them fever kenya all they can do is either swirl with u or fall the hell off they have choices lol

  • Lisa

    And there you have it folks, she said it herself. “I’m Bi Polar”. Gee Kenya that’s a relief, now go get some serious, serious mental health therapy quickly. Viewers were not wondering if she’s bi polar we know she’s schizophrenic! Kenya may be trying to put the blame on Phedra but deep down she knows she really is ill. Remember the old rule that applies more than ever. “It’s the people who furiously deny they are not crazy or mentally ill that really, truly have a mental problem”.
    We are so glad for you Kenya. You’ve taken the hardest first step by admitting your illness. Find yourself the best doctors in the world and get help. You know you can afford it since you’ve made ….so many movies..and…have a production company….and are SO famous…..and …have done soooo many things that have made you soooo much money….and you’re so fabulous …and you can do anything….etc., etc., etc., oh and don’t forget since you were Miss USA … that should get you some attention, right! Go Kenya go. Go away for a good long time and get the help you need. Who knows maybe some day you can become the spokesperson for Mental Health. Then you can share your struggles with the world! You’ll be famous again and have one more thing or many more things to add to your long, long, long, list of accomplishes that are so real to just you. Go, Kenya, go…….you wouldn’t want to miss a chance at the real world.

  • bann2u

    There is something seriously wrong with Kenya. Her behavior is unbelievable for a woman her age which most would associate wioth bi-polar

  • Pinky

    Sorry, but Kenya is fake, broke, desperate, and does appear as if she has some real issues. It is creepy to watch her at times.

  • Anonymous

    Recently, Moore realesed news that she has a daughter named Ariell, but she would like to keep it confidential.