Kenya Moore Responds To Porsha Williams Calling Her Props Weapons


After Porsha Williams appeared on The View and called Kenya Moore’s Scepter a “weapon” that was “super heavy,” Kenya took to Twitter to respond to Williams, who announced she was thinking about filing charges against Moore.

Kenya took to Twitter right away to call Porsha out. “The scepter bought from a kid’s store is so HEAVY my pinky can barely hold it up! #tellthattothejudge #byefelicia,” Kenya tweeted, adding the photo below.


Kenya also shared that she believes The View is biased because they shouldn’t have let NeNe Leakes come on the show with Porsha to talk nasty about her.

Photo Credit: Bravo


10 Replies to “Kenya Moore Responds To Porsha Williams Calling Her Props Weapons”

    1. She sure didn’t have a problem at the 2nd Part of the Reunion telling her side of what happened and without Porscha there to defend herself, so “Shut the F%$K UP” Kenya, you are a irrelevant non-housewife who needs to go on the Bachelorette and maybe try and find a man!!

  1. I can’t believe that Porsha doesn’t realize that she was nothing more that a prop this entire season. She was there for no other reason than to be used by NeHaw and Phakedra to do their dirty work by verbally attacking Kenya and causing drama all season long.

  2. Am I the only one who sees law suit against view, Bravo, Portia, Nene and phased? class action…all similarly situated?? ??

  3. Agree with all of you. Porsha was used by nene and shady phae phae to get back at Kenya. It’s sad because she prob doesn’t even see it!

  4. HAHAHAHA I cant get over Cynthia’s facial expression in this photo. I think she should be the one to file a lawsuit due to the plastic toy being right up in her face. HAHA

  5. ITA with Mike and Anonymus…I can’t stand Fakedra she came on the show lying and she will leave the same way. I don’t think knows what the truth is…oh yeah she is a “lawyer” silly me. Best lines of the reunion: 1. Kenya: Can Porsha spell scepter? We’ll wait. 2. Kenya: And the moose has spoken. Nene: yes she has. Bravo please get rid of Porsha, Nene and Phaedra they had no story line this year at all! Nene’s only storyline next year will be how she chews up Phaedra and spits her out.

  6. Phadrea might be a lot of things but one thing she isn’t and that is Nene’s puppet. Phadrea is the ringleader of all things shadey, that’s why she seems to survive all these criminal doings. Everyone gets caught except HER. Yeah, she ain’t no dummy. Phadrea’s got Nene’s #. Trust & belief.

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