Kenya Moore is Responding to Pregnancy Rumors

RHOA star Kenya Moore is speaking out about the rumors that she is pregnant with her first child. We told you yesterday about a blog post that claimed Kenya had gotten pregnant with the help of IVF.

Kenya is definitely planning for the future, she’ll be settling down in Atlanta or in New York, where her husband and his business, the restaurant SoCo, are based.

“Well, you know, right now we’re managing two households, so a lot of people do it, have multiple residences, so that’s what we’re doing right now,” she told The Daily Dish during a visit to New York on Monday. “But I think it just depends on [what] the next nine months might look like and what kind of room we’ll need and where we’ll be in terms of that. So we’re figuring it out, but it just depends on where our family, the number in our family, will be in the future.”

Check out this video of Kenya reacting to the rumors below:

Photo Credit: Bravo


3 Replies to “Kenya Moore is Responding to Pregnancy Rumors”

  1. I don’t buy her excuse of living in different homes. She’s supposedly a newlywed but with a long Hx of BS. If she is pregnant then leave the show. She’s vile&malicious I’m considering not watching bc she brings 2much poison2 the show! I’m out. Peace!

  2. Many People, (especially those who have established businesses) have more than one residence. Kenya and her Husband,
    are not Fresh out of College. They both have homes, brands and professional obligations.
    Selling a home is ridiculous. They can lease their properties out, which is only logical in case the Marriage doesn’t work out.
    Owning a Restaurant or more than one, is a tremendous Commitment, especially a Popular one.
    It is absolutely none of our Business how they handle their Living arrangements.
    I, only wish Kenya and her Husband, happiness, a healthy Baby and joy.
    Motherhood and a Real True Love have been Kenya’s dream.
    Perhaps, this Journey in her life will bring out the best in her.

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